Step It Up

Happy weekend everyone! I got my weekend off to a most excellent start – with a Friday off!! Ooohhhh, it was glorious. I slept in until 8am, but after a very late evening, so I sort of felt like I’d been run over by a truck. I was croaking for two things – coffee and waffles.


Maple cinnamon waffles with almond butter and blueberry jam and a few grapes on the side. This was supposed to be a light breakfast because I had step class an hour later. But the behemoth-sized mug of coffee I had filled me up soooo much! Oops.

To be honest, I was kind of scared for BodyStep. I’d watched the videos of the moves online. Or rather, studied, full of hesitation and fear. I thought I’d be lucky to make it out of the class alive, or even with my ego intact! Here’s a breakdown of what the class looked like.

  • Warmup
  • Step warmup (easy moves on the step)
  • Step orientation (more easy stuff, but a little faster with some jumps)
  • Step athletic (lotsa moving, getting the heart rate up)
  • Mixed strength (a mix of steps and squats)
  • Power peak (intense, confusing)
  • Step recovery
  • Party step (fun and silly, kinda do what you want)
  • Speed step (on a low step, moving your feet super fast)
  • Recovery/Push-ups/Abdominals (to get a little whole-body work in)
  • Cooldown/Stretch  

So my verdict? I absolutely LOVED it!! Who woulda thought? I’m a really clumsy person, and thought I would be in over my head. Granted, at times it was a little too complicated for me. But I think I could really get into it after a few more classes.

I also took this at the “women’s only” location, so it was smaller and more “communal.” The instructor was amazing. And everyone in the class was at all different levels, doing a variety of different step options that I could mimic.

Oh, and I burned almost 400 calories, which is pretty good for me. I burn only slightly more in spin class, so you know it was intense!

The rest of my day wasn’t really noteworthy. Vegged out for a little bit, ran a bunch of errands around town. Had a wonderful “snacky” lunch.


Yves veggie salami sandwich with marble cheese then mushrooms, carrots and hummus.

I was supposed to make a special feast for Chris and I tonight, but I forgot to buy the key ingredient! It was too late to go back and get it, so we ended up just going out for dinner. There’s a music festival going on downtown this weekend, so in order to avoid the crowds, we went across the river for some pub fare.


The Cannon’s Cross Pub to be exact. The same people who own the Snooty Fox, where I frequent, um, frequently.

Chris ordered his usual mountain o’ nachos.


So eager to dig in he couldn’t even wait for me to take a photo!

I went for the Chef’s salad, as I was really craving some plain meat and veggies.


Just a regular garden salad topped with grilled chicken, ham and a boiled egg. I ordered it without cheese, and got some light Italian that I drizzled on post-photo.

Exciting news: Chris is going to run the race with me on Sunday!! Well, maybe. He’s never actually ran before, but we both think he could do the 5k. He’s in crazy good shape from cycling. He’d have no cardiovascular problem getting through it, it would just be a shock to his legs and joints I think. We went out and bought proper running shoes for him tonight (he liked the New Balance). Even if he decides against the race on Sunday, he’s going to take up running as it gets too cold for road biking here. Yay for running buddies!

To be honest, I think he just wants to get good enough to beat me :P

Sorry I don’t have much more for you tonight! I was actually hoping to have a video post up on how to make a breakfast cookie. But it’s a “hugh jass” file as they say, and has 10 hours left to upload!! No, I didn’t film a 4 hour documentary on the breakfast cookie, Chris just felt the resolution needed to be high enough to see my pores. Hopefully it’ll be up tomorrow!

Question of the day: Do you prefer working out alone or with others? Ultimately, I prefer alone, as my exercise time is my “me time.” But it’s really nice to have a companion sometimes, keeps it fun and light :)

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  1. I generally like working out alone, but I do like group fitness classes.

    Good luck Chris! (and you, too!)

  2. That’s an awesome mountain of nachos! ;-)

    I like working out by myself – most of the time. Everyonce in awhile a workout partner is fun, but I find it has to be someone I’m really comfortable with, like my husband.

  3. I like working out by myself, definitely. Working out is also part of relaxing for me and it calms me down and eases the stresses away. But there are days I wouldn’t mind a little inspiration! I also love it when I get a chance to workout with family :)

    Love that breakfast and HOORAY for Friday’s off!
    <3 jess

  4. I love to bike with my hubby – it’s my very favorite thing to do. Other stuff I tend to like to do by myself.

    Yummy waffles!

  5. It depends on my mood. Some days, my workout is a great way to center and be with my thoughts. Other days, I like the company and motivation of a partner.

  6. April (Foods of April)

    I can never burn that many calories while working out! 400 means that I worked hard too!

    I normally find it more motivating to work out in a group but sometimes if I’m in a bad mood I like to be alone obviously haha!

  7. … Actually I want the resolution to be high enough to see your big pretty eyes. ;)

  8. i like to elliptical alone, but hike with friends!!! that’s great that chris is running with you — sounds like a lot of fun!!!

  9. That snacky lunch is PERFECT!! I love the sounds of that :)

    Glad you liked body step! It sounds like a great workout! Woohoo for Chris running with you! Good luck to the both of you!

    If I’m running – I can’t stand running with someone. Especially if they try to talk the whole time. I get so mad!

  10. Ohhhh, the Northside!!

    I’ve heard of Cannon’s Cross pub but I’ve never been. Is that the one at the Fort Nashwaak Motel? I’m drawing a blank.

    The nachos look yumm-o.

  11. I usually workout with my friend. I think we help push each other and it’s harder to skip going when you know someone else is counting on you! I don’t care to work out alone though so it can go either way. If I am (attemping) running I’ll go alone because my friend has um assets that prevent her from running at my pace! lol!

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