You are what you eat

Hi!! I just realized that looking back at my pictures, I may have actually taken a picture of almost everything I ate today! Including a shot of this guy who greeted me from my window first thing this morning.

I shall call him Dale ;)

I celebrated Waffle Wednesday appropriately…with waffles! Duh!


Two Nature’s Path maple cinnamon waffles, almond butter, yogurt strawberries.


Been a while since I had this combo, don’t think I’ll ever get sick of it!

After breakfast, I had a coffee meeting with the executive producer of the local news show I used to host. They want be to be a fill-in anchor for their new, live, in-studio format! So I’ll be taking over whenever the regular host is sick, or on vacation. I said yes, because it’s one of those opportunities I know better than to turn down. I have no qualms about being on TV, I’m used to it by now, but live is a whole new ball game!

Oh yes, and I had a double tall, 2 pump sugar-free vanilla, nonfat, dry cappuccino.


With a whole bunch of cinnamon stirred into the foam. So good! I hardly ever have specialty coffees now since I stopped drinking coffee in the afternoon. Add espresso machine to the list of kitchen items to get ;)

Once I got home, I popped a date + cashew butter and dragged myself out headed out for a 10k run. Damn! It was cold! 8 Celsius, so 46 Fahrenheit. The temperature was bearable once I got into it, but my nose was running like mad! Luckily, I’d remembered a piece of paper towel. But my nose was basically like a faucet the whole time.

I can’t complain that much though, because it was still a stellar run!

Duration: 57:02
Distance: 10 km
Avg Pace: 9:11 min/mi

According to my own made-up schedule, today was supposed to be an 80 minute run, but that would have increased my weekly mileage too much with the 10k race this Sunday. So instead I did a practice 10k with no walk breaks! Usually I just run at a pace that feels good and challenging for 9 minutes, then walk for a minute. But today I ran straight out, consciously doing the first four miles around 9:45, then the last couple miles at 9:00 and under. I was pushing 7:30 in my last half mile and my lungs were good to go ;) Slow and steady wins the race, right?

Once I got home, I popped my Moosewood Cookbook creation in the oven while I stretched and showered. The first dish is called solyanka.


It’s a Balkan casserole made up of potatoes, cottage cheese, yogurt, cabbage, carrots, dill and a few other spices. I’d never seen anything like it before, and love all the ingredients, so I knew I had to make it!


I cut the recipe in half, to make three servings instead of six.


It smelled soooo good while baking in the oven and did not disappoint! I think the yogurt is what really made the dish for me. I often eat potatoes with cottage cheese, but have never tried yogurt with them.

I paired it with the Odessa beets recommended in the recipe.


This is grated beets mixed with prunes, garlic and lemon juice. I was nervous about this combo, but again, I enjoy all the ingredients separately, so why not together? This totally blew me away. So, so good. I had no idea beets and prunes would be such a wonderful marriage of flavours!!

I was supposed to go to work right after this, but the other reporter ended up covering one of my assignments. So I had some spare time to get stuff done around the apartment. I snacked on a frozen deep chocolate vitamuffin with peanut butter.


Still lovin’ the frozen vitas. Still putting a huge strain on my wallet :P

Supper wasn’t nearly as fancy as lunch.


A sandwich made up of Yves veggie salami slices and marble cheese with an orange and boiled egg. Eaten at my desk. Then it was off for more work, and I snacked on a Kashi peanut peanut butter bar when I got back.


The chewy bars are the only kind of Kashi bars available in Canada. They’re alright.


A little bland, and not very filling. But pretty good compared to other granola bars out there. Plus, this box was on sale for $2 :)

I had one more small snack when I finally got home.


Laughing cow cheese and blueberry jam on a wasa cracker.

I LOVE this jam!!!


I admit, I really only bought it because of this on the lid…


Well this Susie also says Crofters tastes great :D

And that’s almost everything I ate today! I haven’t done a full recap like that in a while. My eats got pretty repetitive, so I’ve been trying to switch things up. It’s been a lot of fun! I’ve got even more kitchen experiments planned over the next few days that I’m excited for.

Question of the day: What are some foods you eat frequently and never get sick of? For me it’s pitas, carrot sticks, oatmeal, veggie burgers, wasa crackers, to name a few!

I’ve got another busy day on tap tomorrow. Starting with a BodyPump class which I’m totally “pumped” for (I couldn’t help myself). I’ve never been to a class like it before, and I expect to get sore! :P

See ya tomorrow!

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  1. Ohmygosh, I’m such a creature of habit.

    Every day I eat Kashi cereal, milk, and protein powder for breakfast. My lunch always includes a big bowl of yogurt with strawberries, granola, and a dollop of peanut butter. I love eggs and multigrain bagels too!

  2. That solyanka looks absolutely wonderful! Wish I could come over for dinner! Yum, yum.

    I eat a lot of oats/oat bran and never get tired of them. Same with protein pancakes and blueberry sauce. Of course, I have a latte pretty much every day (sometimes 2)!!

    And broccoli every single day.

    You are going to have a great race!

  3. DO you have the cherry dark chocolate Kashi bars near you? I like them better than the peanut butter. Anyway, I don’t think I could ever get sick of fresh fruit (of all kinds, is that a cop-out?), oatmeal, Greek yogurt, or chocolate. But I’m eating SO much oatmeal and yogurt on my current meal plan that it’s being tested…but even though it’s plain and boring, I’m not sick of it yet!

    • Hey Hallie, yup! The only flavours here are the cherry dark chocolate, almond flax, peanut butter and trail mix. The cherry dark chocolate is probably my fave, but I wanted to switch it up :)

  4. Uh oh, I think my inner waffle monster is gonna come out soon…those look delish!
    I never get tired of homemade hummus!

  5. I seem to never get sick of nut butters because there are so many varieties. I feel the same about Amy’s meals (they put a strain on MY wallet thought ;)

  6. Those waffles look like they could grace the cover of a magazine! Anyway, I don’t get sick of a lot of the basics, and good thing because I eat the same crap all the time (and yes, there is wallet strain). Greek yogurt, brown rice and tofu bowls, shredded wheat, huge jass salads with every vegetable in the world, avocados, Amy’s meals and oatmeal are a few.

    Congrats on the anchor-age!

  7. I love that you made two recipes from moosewood cookbook because it’s by far my favorite cookbook collection, and I have never tried either of those recipes. They sound (and look) wonderful!

    I always eat oats and never get sick of them, along with bananas and peanut butter. Although I do get tired of eating them in the same way, but as long as I mix and match between hot, cold, mashed, frozen, etc., the combinations are endless and they just never get old. :D

  8. HI Dale! :D So cute. Sounds cool about the TV!

    Your recipes look amazing! The beets look like a red cabbage/apple dish I love…no idea what it’s called, but it’s sooooo good. I need to get hold of the Moosewood book- the potato dish sounds right up my street.

    Foods I will never get sick of: Greek yogurt, tzatziki, roasted vegetables, muesli :)

  9. I’ve been trying to find a way to like beets and that recipe looks promising to me! I’m sure my husband wouldn’t eat it but I might could make it for lunches. Does it reheat well?

    Anyhow things I never get tired of are: yogurt, greek and regular, peanut butter, tea, lattes, raspberries and blueberries, and various whole grain rices and pastas.

    • Hi Angela! It’s actually a “salad” so it’s eaten cold. I left it in the fridge overnight so I think the flavours had time to settle. In the book, she recommends eating it as a sandwich on rye with cream cheese, which also sounds delicious!

  10. bananaandchocolate

    I could probably eat the same things every day and never get bored.

    I could eat spinach, yogurt, cereal, bananas, and waffles just about every day.

  11. Your latte from Starbucks totally has me drooling, I haven’t been there in forever. Have a great Thursay! :D

  12. woowoo for being on-air…that was why i got into journalism in the first place. i want to be oprah or diane sawyer sooooo bad!

    love that ethnic dish – the beets + prunes sounds really good actually. and the casserole is definitely unique!

    things i never get tired of: nut butter, yogurt, berries and PB+J :)

  13. Congrats on being asked as a fill in! That’s exciting!!

    That cinnamon is just about enough ;)

    I’ve never heard of solyanka but if it has CC in it, it has to be good, right?! Love the Vita combo!! I agree 100% with your Kashi review – where’s the PB taste?!

    I tend to go through food phases where I eat the same stuff over and over. Anything featured on my blog as of this week would be my obsession!

  14. Two items I eat every single day:
    Kashi Cinnamon Harvest cereal
    Liberte Organic Vanilla Yogurt mixed with fruit “du jour”

    I will also never tire of feta. I love it on everything!

  15. April (Foods of April)

    Beets and prunes?? Why have I never thought of that?? You should send me the recipe :D

    I never get sick of yogurt, broccoli, nut butter, oatmeal.. umm actually I think I eat the same stuff everyday.. oops!

  16. I love that jam! It tastes like blueberry pie filling!

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