Thank you soooo much for all the congratulatory comments on my new 5k PR!!! They made the smile on my face even bigger :D Don’t get too excited though. It’s gonna get beat again :P

I was pretty spent last night. I think it was a culmination of my early mornings at work and the hard effort in the race. I conked out at 9:20-ish and woke up to the sound of my alarm at 5:30 am. That never happens.

I was actually pretty pumped when my alarm went off though, because I was getting up for spin class! I was nervous my legs may be a little too stiff for it, but it was actually my heart that was having the trouble! I find with cycling, my weak leg muscles are what always hold me back. Conversely, with running, it’s my cardiovascular ability that limits me. So it was odd to have that reversed today.

Or the RPM class at my new gym just kicks my butt :P

I came home sweaty and endorphin-ated, and whipped up a homestyle breakfast.


Two eggs on whole wheat toast, with pan-fried purple potatoes and onions.

I never do sunny-side up. Instead, I keep the yolk intact, but flip it over in the pan so the whites cook through. Then I pierce the yolk on my toast…


…spread it around like buttah…


…put the egg back on top…


…and devour!!


It makes my belly happy :)

Work was uneventful, with pretty standard eats. I spent the day in a courtroom. My butt does not like the pew-like benches in there. Would it kill them to put in some cushions??

Dinner was fabulous, despite some electricity malfunctioning. Apparently, one wall cannot handle having a light, microwave, and plug-in kettle going all at once. Duly noted. Shout-out to Ellie who helped me figure out how to fix a blown fuse via Twitter!


Spring rolls filled with tofu strips sautéed (not microwaved) in Braggs and sesame oil with raw zucchini. Plum sauce for dipping, and some not-so-purple purple green beans in more Braggs. Luuurrrved it!

Many of you probably know that this is my first September not returning to school. I graduated in journalism/communications last May. I’ve been up on my old campus a few times since school started last week selling old textbooks. I have to say, I loved university. I went to a small liberal arts school, filled with inspiring professors and a wonderful community atmosphere. Being back up on that campus really makes my heart hurt.

I try to be strong and pretend like I’ve enjoyed the transition from school to full-time work. But it’s been hard. I have no desire to return to school right away, but it has been a huge life change for me.

I started my full-time job two weeks after my last exam. So I really had no transition period. It’s just weird to be at work every day, and having to dedicate all my efforts to just one job. Of course, now that I’m in my new place, living all by myself, this change in lifestyle has only been magnified.

Part of my difficulty in transitioning has also been that the majority of my friends moved away when school finished. I work in an office where I am sometimes the youngest person by decades. So my social life has taken a bit of a hit as well.

I keep telling myself that I’ll adjust. I’ll eventually find my own group of people, settle into my new solo apartment, and become more comfortable with my work schedule. I just never expected it to be this difficult. I guess there’s no point to this story. I just had to be honest and get it off my chest! It’s something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately ever since school started again. Change is hard!


Question of the day: Did you go to university? What did you study? If not, what would you study? I’ve been debating going back for law, but I know a lot of law students who are trying to talk me out of it :P

Bonus question: What’s your favourite way to eat eggs?

I guess the upside of not being a student is that I have no school work to do. So I’m off to go be lazy and read magazines in bed ;) Lator gators!

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  1. I have a bachelor’s degree in English and History, and a doctoral degree in law. Don’t go to law school! The market is terrible right now. Lawyers everywhere are getting laid off by the dozens. I actually want to go into teaching, now, so we’ll see how THAT goes…

    I understand the transitional thing, except I have TOO much of a transition period! I’m dying to do some kind of exciting, interesting job but keep coming up short. I have a few exciting irons in the fire, though, so I hope something pans out and soon!

    Re: eggs. Scrambled with cheese, only. I HATE runny yolk. But I eat scrambled eggs, yogurt, and some kind of bread just about every day for lunch. Love ’em!

  2. I can understand what you’re going through Susan. I graduated in May as well, and although I’ve went straight into graduate school for my Master’s, I too worked full time 2 weeks after I graduated, right up until the beginning of this month. Then I cut my hours my ten (still work 30 hours/wk) and added full time grad school. My friends are all doing the school/work combo too (at least the ones that live by me) so I hardly ever see them. And I left a bunch of great friends back in my college town. I truly miss college, and you don’t realize how wonderful that life was until it’s over. The transition is a very difficult (and busy!) one, and can often be lonely. We’re here for you!

  3. I got my bachelors in Biology and now want to go back (fingers crossed) and get my Masters in Dietetics. I don’t miss my HUGE university at all and am very much looking forward (fingers crossed) at going to a tiny hippie college for my masters.

    Bonus- I like my eggs over medium or poached.

  4. Change is hard, but it usually has a good outcome if you want it to. You’ll meet new people and new friends, although it won’t come as easily as in college.

    I did waaaay too much schooling. I got a Bachelors, a Masters, did 3 years towards a doctorate (all in Music). Then I got an A.A.S degree. None of which I am currently using. Gotta love it.

    As for eggs, I like them as you do – with the whites fully cooked, but runny yolks. The best!

  5. i was a women’s studies and music double major. you can see i did so much with my college degree, now that i’m an actor.

  6. I am still in nursing school :) I like my eggs poached with runny yolks so I can soak my bread in them whether it be sprouted or whole wheat English muffin or Ezekieal toast! Yum.

  7. I love scrambled eggs with green pepper, onions and tomatoes mixed in! Sometimes I balance them in a whole wheat english muffin. (They tend to fall out but that’s part of the fun!)

    By the way, now you know why I don’t put up food pictures – it wouldn’t be pretty!

  8. Breakfast looks delicious!! I definitely relate to feeling weird when Fall comes around. I’ve been out of school now for two years and I definitely miss college. I studied Political Science but I would like to go back soon and do nutritional science!

  9. Yay! Glad you fixed the fuse! I am digging Twitter big time right now. Yolk-y toast- can’t be beat. I love egg whites but there is nothing better than runny eggs on bread…

    I am with you on the school debate (also majored in communications- hollah!). It’s been so weird to read about everyone going back to school and me not. I’m not working right now either so that just feels even more strange. I am looking into going back in January. VERY torn. On one hand, I would love to pursue something nutrition/health related, but I am having so much fun with writing and would love to pursue some sort of photography so debating whether I do something for pleasure and see where it takes me, or something more academic/career focused. Gah.

  10. I have an associates in business administration and a bachelor’s in accounting. I really want to go back to school and get a masters but honestly I want nothing to do with business. I’d like to look into teaching, I’m not really sure yet. I do miss school a lot though.

    Eggs…I like them over well most of the time. I never get them that way unless I make them myself though. I do like a runny yolk on occassion.

  11. That home style breakfast looks like it hit the spot! Yum!!

    The court benches reminds me of my Chem lab. We had the world’s most uncomfortable stools that made sitting through 2 hour science movies horrible! My pancake ass is not a fan!

    Aw – sorry you’ve experienced a rough transition period from school to the real world. I think I’ll probably go through something similar just because I’ve been in school FOREVER! I don’t think I’ll ever graduate!

  12. April (Foods of April)

    I’m the exact same way- I hate running because it’s my heart and lungs that can’t do it for long.. but with cycling my legs are weaklings! Maybe I should workout my legs more often haha!

    And I think you already know but I’m studying nursing! I want to be a nurse practitioner and prescribe!

  13. changes are hard! that is for sure. and it is true what they say, “growing up is hard to do”.. whoever the shit “they” are.. they were right! i took a whopping 7 years to get a 2 year degree and will be going back to school in the spring to get an accounting degree because my boss wants me to. so i am sure i will take my sweet ass time doing that :) but really props to you for graduating and getting a stellar gig, that is important! i love the poyple pan potatoes! i can’t believe you blew a fuse, that sucks, it happens in our old house a lot because we have 5 girls and when we all try to get ready.. well.. catastrophe! i like my eggs best JUST the way you had them yesterday!

  14. :) I went to the same univeristy that you did. I started my BA and was majoring in Sociology with plans to get my BSW. Then after my second year I wan’t loving it and decided I wanted to be an Interior Designer and moved to Ontario to follow that dream.

    My favorite eggs are hard boiled with salt and pepper.

  15. susan…i am totally with ya on the no social life. i just started my first “real” job after graduating (even though i graduated two years ago, i spent a year teaching English in Thailand then did some temp work) and i am just trying to enjoy my solo, quiet time as much as i can. i figure friends will eventually come…i went to uni for journalism too! i think i eventually want to go back to school for international development, but i am just kind of excited to see where life takes me!

    beautious spring wraps my love! happy tuesday!

  16. aw sorry to hear about the hard transition…i think i was ready for the next stage but honestly, i still miss college and classes and my friends from school and it was 3 years ago that i graduated. insane. but it REALLY does get better. i dont know if you had the same experience, but when i first went to college, it took me a little bit to adjust. same thing when i left college, but even longer, because it’s a huge life change. there are SO many good things about being out of school though i think, and while it’s hard to meet people without classes and clubs, it IS possible. you might have to make yourself go outside your comfort zone, which can feel near impossible but then when you make a new friend it is totally worth it!

  17. Susan! Are you quitting journalism?! @__0
    Haha, I can see why people would try to dissuade you from law…basically, you have no life and no sleep and still are regarded as scum…hey, that’s not very far off from a journalist though, eh? ;-)

    OMG Runny EGG!! Hope you thought of me as you pierced the yolk! Of course my fave way to eat eggs is POACHED! :D

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