An Indian Feast

Hey guys! Anyone ever watch Undergrads? That saying always reminds me of Cal.

Thanks for all the feedback on the tour :) I was actually kinda nervous about showing it. I still live very much like a student. And just know, no one ever gets into the private radio biz to make money ;)

Anyways, I realized the other day that I only own one massive-sized pot. So last night I picked up an $8 pot that’s the perfect size for single batches of oats and boiling eggs. Obviously, I had to break it in today!


PB&J oats!! I’ve been seeing this pop up on a lot of blogs lately and had to join in on the party. As you may know, I’ve only just jumped on the PB&J wagon, after a lifetime without knowing it’s one of the universe’s greatest combinations. 

I took a cue from Lori and put a little peanut butter and raspberry jam in the middle, then a little more on the top. Sosososososo good. I also don’t have any bananas, so I upped the dry oatmeal to 3/4 cup. So filling! I really enjoyed the chewiness of the oats without the banana too…

I try not to delve into too much detail about my job. This is especially important because I work in the media, and keeping a good public reputation is important. But I had a pretty stellar moment at work today. I broke my first news story! It’s big news locally, but certainly nothing large scale. The premier alluded to some future announcement while I was interviewing him today. Afterward, I was able to dig around and discover what the announcement was, and got the story on air a week before they were supposed to announce it! It’s the kind of thing politicians hate, and other news media envy ;)

Anyways, all that investigative work left me starving for a pizza date, and my boyfriend was no where to be found. When he did finally show up, we went to Panago only to discover it’s take-out only!! Not sure if all their locations are like that, as I didn’t get that from the website. Anyways, we weren’t really feeling the whole waiting for take-out thing, so we went to the restaurant next door – Yoo China Curry House. It’s also a new restaurant, and a mix of Chinese and Indian cuisine. I’m kinda “meh” about both, but definitely appreciate a good Chinese or Indian dish when I get one!

The place was completely empty. Usually, not a good sign. Chris ordered a microbrew – Picaroon’s Best Bitter.


I’ve only ever had this beer on draught but it was delicious from the bottle!

For his meal, he ordered the butter chicken.


Which came with potatoes, naan and some crispy bread.

I ordered a tava fry sumthin. I know, I suck. I tried repeating it in my head a bunch of times, but two outta three words ain’t bad :P


It looks gross, but I assure you it was delicious!! It was roasted cauliflower, peppers, mushrooms and okra in a blend of Chinese and Indian spices. So flavourful. This was also my first okra experience. It was a good time. I know nothing about Indian food, but the brown stuff on the left is what I assume to be a common side dish. Some lentil thingy? The only thing I didn’t eat most of was the rice. I never fill up on the cheap foods :P

Oh, and Chris loved his butter chicken. Place gets a thumbs up! :)

Afterwards, we ventured to Chapter’s where I broke down and bought a book I’ve been wanting for ages.


I pick up this book every time I’m at a bookstore and just itch to make the easy, delicious looking recipes inside. I usually don’t like following recipes, but there are some gems in here!

Plus, I love the design.


So cute :) I’m excited to finally try these recipes out!

Question of the day: What’s your favourite cookbook?

Okee, it’s my bedtime. I have a fun gym workout planned for the morning! Night night :)

P.S. My fibre tarts made it onto HealthyYum!! I’m alongside some other great dishes ;)


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  1. I have that Moosewood cookbook! Well, the older version anyway! :-D It’s one of my favs. My fav recipe resource is but I dont think that counts as a book. SO I would say my fav book is good old better homes and gardens cookbook just cuz it has all the basics/classics and i can spruce them up to my own desires.

    CONGRATS ON THE NEWS BREAK!!!! So excited for you! That’s rad!

    PS – I just now realized we are working the same theme on WP. Haha. Good taste, love! ;-)

  2. My favorite cookbook is called Fix it and Forget it, Lightly. It’s a bunch of healthy crockpot recipes–I love my crockpot so much. If you don’t have one, you should totally get one! (Or, in some cases, ask your mom if she has a spare–I mentioned to my mom once that I wanted one, and she was like, “Well, you’re in luck, because I have three and I use zero!”)

    • Ha! I got my old roommie’s spare third crockpot when we were moving out. How do people just collect those things? Just picked up some steel cut oats for its first use :)

  3. I sooo love Indian food – I think that stuff on the left is a dal – that’s usually served with most Indian meals and made with lentils. Now I have an Indian food craving – and I am starving right now!

    PB&J oats rock, don’t they? I love the sweet/salty/creamy combo. Now I want that, too.

    I don’t know as I have a favorite cookbook, but I have an old Betty Crocker one that has gotten a lot of use over the years. Some of the recipes in are really laughable, though!

  4. gahhhh i need that cookbook! congrats on the news story – as a journalism major, i know how exciting that is :)

    yay for capping the day off with Indian and a recipe on Healthy Yum – woowoo!

  5. Congrats again on the story! Work victories are awesome. I love cookbooks…to the point where I have a) been told I’m not allowed to buy them because we have limited bookshelf space and b) checked them out from the library (see a) cuz I love reading them for ideas. I think my favorites are Veganomicon (so many unique and also simple ideas) and Joy of Cooking (it’s a food/recipe BIBLE–few healthy things but it tells you basics, like I used it once to figure out how to hard-boil an egg)

  6. Congrats on the newsbreak!! My grandma has an amazing old Jewish cooking book that I’ve pulled so many incredible recipes from–matzo ball soup being my fave :)


  7. I have both the Eat Clean cookbooks by Tosca Reno and they are awesome!

  8. Congrats on the news story!!!! That’s so incredibly cool :D Is the company mad? I think I would be scared to be a journalist…hehe, maybe you need an undercover name :P

    I love Indian food. The Molly Katzen book is great! My mom uses it ALL the time! All the Moosewood books are delicious. I don’t use cookbooks much- most of my recipes are pretty basic or based on something I have seen on something online. I am terrible at following instructions :P

  9. Yum, Indian food!

    My fav is still my Betty Crocker cookbook. The recipes are nothing fancy, just the basic stanbys, but EVERYTHING I have ever made from it has been great.

    I have been thinking about picking up a copy of The Joy of Cooking. I hear lots of people rave about it.

  10. CONGRATS on breaking the story!! That sounds exciting!

    I need to try PBJ oats now that I’m an oat girl! Haha – tava fry sumthin’! I’ve heard great things about that cookbook! My favorites are websites like allrecipes or recipezaar.

  11. I have so many cookbooks it’s hard to choose a favorite. One is an older Weight Watchers cookbook that has takeout favorites made at home. I’ve been pleased with everything I’ve made out of it. My mom has an ancient Better Homes and Gardens cookbook that is fun to read. Good recipes too…you just have to filter through some really strange 70’s dinner party creations! lol!

  12. Oh my goodness that Indian looks amazing!!

  13. i have never seen that healthy yum website! i cant wait to peruse it. congrats on the big break at work! that is so awesome, maybe you should be a private detective.. haha, marshall wants to be a private detective.. anyway.. the mix of indian and chinese under one roof is crazy to me! but your sumthin looks delish. and PBJ oats are SOOO dang good, no?! i love them!! cute cookbook, i don’t have a fave because i don’t really use them! but i can’t wait to see what comes from that one. xoxxxx

  14. Having been to Moosewood, I’d definitely recommend their cookbooks! The other ones that I’ve been loving recently are “The Biggest Loser” cookbooks. I think the original one is better than the Family version if you had to choose one over the other.

  15. I’m not a fan of Indian, so if we went there it’s good to know they also do Chinese ;)
    Kind of cliche, but Joy of Cooking is a classic that always saves the day!
    Have a great weekend, Susan!

  16. PB&J is an amazing combination! What a cute little blog that ya got here, I just found it ;) Hope you have a fantastic day

  17. April (Foods of April)

    Those oats look super fluffy and creamy! Everyone’s oats always look more delicious than mine- whats up with that??

    And I like the Clean Eating cookbook, The Flat Belly Diet Cookbook, and Hungry girl!

    • Haha, April, it’s funny you say that because based on your blog recipes, we make our oats the exact same way! Even down to the splash of almond milk at the end of cooking :P

  18. sounds weird cause i have never even thought of doing weight watchers, but i have a weight watchers cookbook that i love cause it teaches you have to make healthy swaps, so i can health up any recipe- and the baked goods are so low in calories but delicious

  19. congrats girlie on breaking the story — thats awesome! and can be super hard to do, you must be very proud :)

  20. i’ve had the moosewood since college – it was probably one of MY first cookbooks. one of the first meals i made with the moussaka – i remember back in the day i didn’t know what most of the ingredients were!!!

  21. The brown slop is probably DAL…yummy yummy. I usually am wary of restaurants that do Dual cuisines, but the fact that it’s empty doesn’t usually indicate bad food. Our little Indian in town is always empty (I don’t know how they stay in business honestly) but it’s Sooooooo good and we go there all the time.

    Loved your flashback with you and the hunny.

  22. PS congrats on the job well done with the news! Exciting!

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