Daily Archives: September 9, 2009

Come on in!!

Welcome to my new humble abode!! Let’s start at the “top” shall we? First, we must come down these stairs.


These stairs may be a nuisance to some, but I predict they will provide some great workouts come blizzard season ;)

First thing we are greeted with is my beloved Scottie.


This is his temporary resting place. I’m hoping my beloved boyfriend will help me hang Scottie on the wall ;)

At the bottom of the stairs, we catch our first glimpse of the bachelor apartment.


Shout out to my sister Sara who bought me that beautiful microwave stand!

To our immediate right is my verrrrry compact kitchen.


Being in such a small space is why it’s imperative I learn to keep it clean! I also spy a lovely card someone sent me ;)

Now we turn back and continue into the main living space…


I also spy a Renoir and a Van Gogh!

I am very proud of my living room set, it cost me $50 :)

If we continue turning to our right, we see my foam rolling space and my boudoir.


As they say on Cribs, “this is where the magic happens.”


Sorry guys, I make my bed for no one. Please don’t be offended.

This is why I scheduled closet cleaning time every week…


It’s directly next to my bed, and I have a feeling it will get messy pretty quickly.

Now, if you’ll just turn right with me from the foot of my bed, we’ll enter my hallway.


Hi!! There are two doors in that hallway. One is the closet. We will not be going in there. We’ll be travelling to the back where the bathroom is.


What? You don’t strike a pose in the mirror? :P Oh right, the bathroom. We’ll have to get in the bathtub for a full shot, it’s a tight squeeze!


Now, we’ll go back down the hall and face my living room from the foot of my bed.


My river view window! And a TV that’s on a commercial break from Oprah. Please don’t make fun of me for tearing up at some of Oprah’s best moments today…

Finally, we end our tour with the area you’re invited to the most. My dinner table!


Hope you enjoyed the tour!! It’s by no means a big palace, but it’s all mine and I love it to bits :)


Now, with that, let’s get to Waffle Wednesday, shall we? I decided to combine two great breakfasts, and add a little french toast to the mix.


French toast waffles! Two maple cinnamon waffles in two egg whites, one whole egg, almond milk and cinnamon. I dipped it in a peanut butter-fake syrup mix. YUM.

Today was long run day, but I decided to relax for the morning and run once it warmed up a little. I snacked on a chocolate brownie Clif bar.

          100_7632 100_7634

At first, I wasn’t really digging this flavour. So I threw it in the microwave for 22 seconds. Oh. My. Gawd. A mediocre bar was immediately transformed into a decadent dessert. You have to try a warmed up Clif bar stat!!!

I had 75 minutes planned for my run today, and decided it was time for a little mid-run fuel. On my last 70 minute run, I felt my energy wane after the 50-minute mark. So I thought it would help me pull through those last couple miles.

I contemplated coconut water, dates, but decided on packaged fuel for simplicity’s sake. What I really wanted was a gu, but this was all I could find without going out of my way yesterday.

Sharkies in watermelon flavour.



The package came with 15 small jujubes, so just under 10 calories a piece.


Tastewise, they were very yummy. Sweet like candy, and I liked the watermelon flavour.

As for fuel during running, I did not like it. At 50 minutes, I tried to eat half the package during my 1 minute walking break. It took me 30 seconds just to chew on one! So I shoved five in my mouth to get an instant energy hit and had the hardest time getting it down. They got stuck in my teeth, it screwed up my breathing, it sat funny in my tummy, and left a gross sugary taste in my mouth. With all that said it did give me energy. But the process of getting that energy was just not enjoyable!

The run stats:

Duration: 1:15:03
Distance: 7.92 miles
Avg Pace: 9:27 min/mi

Besides the sharkie business, this run was absolute perfection! I did my magic ratio: 9 minutes running, 1 minute walking. I had good tunes, great weather and entertained myself with a lot of thinking. I never thought I would get to this point running. Now if only I could make my maintenance three milers as enjoyable :P

I almost feel like a real runner now. Check out that sweaty runner scowl.


One of my wandering thoughts during the run was about this lecture I attended by journalist/author Roy MacGregor. Canadians may know him as the guy who writes the Page 2 column in the Globe and Mail (one of our national newspapers). Seriously successful guy, and an expert in his craft. During the lecture, he told us that even now, he feels like he’s still “pretending” to be a journalist. Even someone so talented and accomplished can still feel like they don’t really “belong.”

I think it’s very much the same with runners. Whether they pound out 2 miles or 22 miles a week, many people still don’t feel like a “runner.” We’re all just sort of kids pretending to be grown-ups, you know?

After all that strenuous contemplating, I needed to plop down on the couch and wrap my ankles in ice.


Amazing the difference a little ice can make!!

I re-fuelled with some real food. A tuna-hummus-lentil and bulgur salad mash up on some pita bread.


Perfection! :)

That’ll wrap it up for today. I’ve got an early press conference in the a.m. then Chris and I are heading to a Panago Pizza that just opened for supper. I’m excited! They’ve got some good healthy-ish pizza options.

‘Till next time!