BodyFlows and BodyShapes

I finally, finally, slept for over eight hours last night. It’s been weeks since I’ve had more than seven. It was glorious. There was no other way to celebrate than by pulling out this bad boy.


My belgian waffle maker :)

I ended up with a delicious stack, using my protein pancake recipe, topped with an “easy berry cobbler” of sorts.

I just put leftover berries in the muffin tins yesterday and cooked them with an oatmeal/cinnamon/honey mix. This totally hit the spot. I love my day off feasts!

I got in some quality Regis & Kelly time this morning, while unpacking my last box! Yay! I’ll be taking my tour pictures tomorrow when the natural light is best :)

I breaked for a delicious lunch…


Liverwurst and laughing cow cheese on a bun with carrots + hummus and my po’ man’s version of a caprese salad, with laughing cow. Mind you, it was crazy delicious. This is one of my market heirloom tomatoes. It was melt-in-your-mouth good. Sometimes life doesn’t get better than a deliciously fresh tomato ;)

After digestion, I did something I haven’t done in fore-ever. Okay, since August 17th (thank you blog archives!). I went for a bike ride!

To be perfectly honest, I wasn’t doing a lot of biking a) because I hated carrying it up and down the four flights of stairs in my old apartment, and b) I get scared on it! I can only ride on busy, high-speed roads with little to no shoulder.  I’m still not confident enough on my bike to feel safe on it all the time. Especially in traffic, when I have to unclip at intersections, turn left, etc.

Anyways, I went at a low-traffic hour today, which helped. Once I got on the bike I was immediately filled with all those happy endorphins again and loved every minute of it.

Until… I hit the hill. My new place is on a hill. I have two road options to get back up, so I took the one that I’ve done before and already knew I could finish. Oh. Man. I think I’m a little out of cycling shape because it was so hard. BUT I pushed through…going at 9km/hr :P In all, I did 24 km in 60 minutes.

When I came home, I realized a green smoothie had grown in my absence.


My aloe vera is already crumbling just by being in my presence. Definitely should have gone for fakes…


It was my usual Vega combo, 2 scoops Vega Smoothie Infusion, 1 box One Coconut Water, 1 cup frozen papaya chunks.

Dinner was another attempt at kale chips. This time with a lot less salt and a touch of paprika.


Dipped in baba ghanoush.


Muuuuch bettah :) I also had some leftover lentil and bulgur salad.

Tonight, I tried out the BodyFlow class at my new gym. I really liked it! You can check out what a typical class looks like here. It’s a mix of tai chi, yoga and pilates. The tai chi was just the warm-up, with mostly yoga, and a little pilates ab work in the middle. There were lots of hip openers which I loooved, as my hips are one of my “trouble spots.” The tai chi was… interesting. I’m not sure if I’m coordinated enough for it.

Post-BodyFlow snack:


Fibre tarts with some Abu on top (a mix of almond butter and almond milk). Nomnomnom. Pretty filling from all the fibrousness :)


Now I just want to make this post a touch longer by talking about something I’ve learned over my weight-loss/health journey. It’s embracing my body shape. You see, I’m an apple. I’m big around the belly, and have long, thin limbs that stick out of it.

I had always been envious of women who carry their weight in their butt and thighs. They can put on a few pounds, and still maintain this itty bitty waist and still fit into their pants. I put on three pounds, and my jeans no longer button.

I’ve never been “curvy.” My thick middle has always given me rectangular measurements (ie my chest, waist and hips are all very similar sizes).

I always thought that my body would transform into this dream shape when I lost those extra 30 lbs. Instead, it looked the exact same, just smaller. Weight lifting definitely helped change this a lot. But even that won’t change my body shape.

I write about this because I am finally in a place where I fully except the body I have. So what if my tummy is plump? My legs are lean, arms free of flab, and chest perfectly pert. I may never drop jaws in a bikini, but I will rock a miniskirt like nobody’s business :P

So my question of the day is: What body type are you? What are the good attributes of it?

Also, Lara wrote a wonderful post today on losing those last 10 vanity pounds that is worth a read!!

See ya tomorrow for a tour of my new place :D

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  1. no matter how much weight i lose, i always have a belly. i suck it in for shoots and wear spanx but otherwise i just accept it!

  2. I love baba ganoush!! So tasty. I’m not exactly sure what type I am. I’m semi-pear shaped just because I have big thighs in proportion to my waist. But I do not I have bubbly butt at all. And my waist isn’t tiny. My sisters like to call me an “avocado”. haha. And while I get frustrated at my thighs at times, I love them for the distances they’ve carried me!!

  3. I am a definite hourglass shape. My measurements are literally 38-30-40 or something like that! Honestly, growing up I really wanted skinny little thighs that wouldn’t touch in the middle, but now I like to dote on my massive quads and think about all the awesome things they help me to do, even though they make it hard to buy jeans. I also like having a somewhat flat stomach!

  4. I am a pear. Small chested. Wide load. Thunder thighs. But I am thankful when I see linebacker women that I am not the other way around. :D

  5. hey i linked back to laras post today too! it was so good. and so is this one. i still have a hard time with my body shape, i havent really talked about it on my blog yet.. maybe one day.. but i have something wrong with my body shape that i went to like 10 different docs about AND got a cat scan for and they still don’t know why i am how i am.. but i am slowly learning to deal with it :P i also have big, muscular legs which i have embraced, learned to love them, know i will NEVER have cute skinny long legs.. but at least i can squat my boyfriend 20 times in a row ;)

    ok i have GOT to make those tarts soon! they look so good, i bet i could throw some protein pudding into the shells and top with berries.. oh you have my wheels turning now..

    love the waffles! and hooray for the bike ride!!! i knew you could do it.

    love you lots susan!!

  6. Those tarts look seriously amazing. I drool just looking at them.

    I am also an apple shape. I cannot stand that all my weight settles around the middle, while my legs look pretty grand. i swear thats why stupid women ask me if I am pregnant. :) Maybe one day I will embrace it, but im definitely not there yet.

  7. Thanks for the shout out :) I can’t figure out what my body type is–sometimes I think apple (I carry a lot in my hips), but other times I think hourglass (except the top part of the hourglass–LOL).
    I’m glad you made it out for the bike ride! And the waffle maker is an awesome beast!

  8. I’m definitely a pear, and sometimes I like it, and other times I just wish for the slim hips! But for me, after having 7 kids, I just do the best I can!

    Thanks for a great post.

  9. i just read lara’s post – amazing. your post isn’t so bad either – i think you need to accept what you’ve been given. somethings are unchangeable, so what’s the point of wasting energy and time worrying about them?

    i’m boy shaped…muscular all around and straight up and down. sometimes i hate it, but then when i gain/lose weight – i lose it evenly, which i can be thankful for!

    waffles + berrydeliciousness = lovely.

    much love girl!

  10. Still think your tarts are so incredibly pretty :D

    I don’t know what body shape I am. I used to be kind of hourglass, but since losing a lot/regaining to a healthier weight, I carry all my weight on my lower body. I’m guessing it’s due to all the walking I do/extra muscle.

  11. Funny – you don’t look at all like an apple to me. I see you in pictures as tall and slender.

    I have a pretty defined hourglass figure. Sounds good until you try to wear something that doesn’t fall over the hips like they do on fashion models. I would love to be a little taller, but I love my muscles. My butt and hips are the first places that weight goes. Although I am a heck of a lot happier with my shape now than 100 pounds ago!

    Waffle Wednesday looks soooo yummy! I have to get an iron.

  12. What a decadent breakfast!! It looks delicious with that berry topping!

    Well done on the bike ride! I couldn’t imagine biking in traffic – just driving by bikers scares me and I’m the one in the car.

    Body type and face shape have always confused me! I have no idea what kind of either of those I have.

    Happy Wednesday :)

  13. I am a basically pear shaped. My hips and butt are way, way big. Big thighs too. My stomach is a little poochy but almost flat when I stand. I’m not really hourglass because I have no boobs but I do have overly broad shoulders. As one nice guy told me once I’m short and stocky. :(

    What I like about my shape is that my legs are fairly strong. The bad part is that when shopping I have to try to decide whether to buy jeans that make me look like a Golden Girl or jeans that will expose my whole hind quarters when I sit down! lol!

  14. I took bodyflow tuesday too! :D Really enjoyed it!

    Way to go for accepting your (beautiful!) appearance! :)
    <3 jess

  15. April (Foods of April)

    Those tarts look so delicious!! And go you for accepting your body the way it is! No matter how hard I try I just can’t get toned arms. But I do get a lot of compliments on my legs… and I’ve worked hard for a flat stomach!

  16. I’m an apple too. I’m like a muffin top with long legs. :)

    OK, your heirloom tomato lunch looks delicious. Love heirlooms, and I used to eat liverwurst all the time growing up. Gosh, have not had that in years.

    I owned a road bike for 2 years and rode it often, but I was always scared to death. Never fully comfortable with clipping in and out. Finally just sold it. Much happier on my own two feet.

  17. Whoa, those are awesome looking waffles. You convinced me to get a Belgian waffle maker =P

    I would say I’m a semi hourglass with no boobs. Long yet narrow waist, larger thighs+arms, big hips, and broad shoulders. Haha, actually I don’t know what I would call that.

    Awesome post! I envy your thin arms and legs–short skirts and tanks would look great on you. I am loving that you are accepting yourself, so I guess I must accept my body too :)

  18. I’m a pear shape! I definitely have big thighs,hips, and butt, and my waist is smaller, and my stomach (even though I’ve put on some LBs) has stayed relatively flat. I like that you’re embracing your shape! That’s what it’s all about! :)

  19. LOVE LOVE baba ganoush! Mnnnm and the kale chips. What

    Pear shape all the way. No boobs (thank gawd for pushup bras!) but it’s the Butthighs that get the jiggle action! What does it do for me? I fit pretty well into True Religions!

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