The Saturday Market

Happy weekend everyone! I’ve been workworkworking away. ‘Tis the tale of my weekends. But worry not, I’ll be livin’ up on my days off mid-week when all you normal folks are back at it ;)

Last night was my first “early night” in the new place. Ugh. Chris text messaged me and woke me up at 9:30, then the people upstairs started vacuuming at 10 pm. Needless to say, it was not awesome.

You may have heard me complain in the past about working every Saturday morning during our city’s Farmer’s Market hours. Well, a co-worker gave me the great idea of rearranging some of my work tasks in the morning to clear up time to go. Genius!

I really wish I’d taken pictures today, but I was too focused on getting food and back to work on time. So I present you with photos taken circa March 2008 for a photojournalism project I did on the vendors of the Fredericton Boyce Farmers Market.

         2 3

            4 5

6      8 9

That was fun actually! Brings me back to when I shot these photos. All super nice people. That old lady just warms my heart. Also, that juice man refused to stop juicing so I could take his picture. He was in “the zone” I guess…

Anyways, here’s my loot!


  • Plums
  • Kale
  • Heirloom tomatoes
  • Blackberries
  • Purple potatoes
  • Zucchini
  • Basil100_7460
  • Pita bread
  • Dolmadas (stuffed grape leaves)
  • Baba ghanoush
  • Smoked liverwurst

I actually went there with the goal of getting smoked salmon, but I came across this liverwurst and remembered loving it when I was a meat eater.

Immediately brought me back to eating it on crusty bread when my family and I travelled around Germany and Western Europe. Yum!

The other items were bought at the Lebanese stand, which is always my favourite at any market. The baba ghanoush is the good stuff, made with eggplant and tahini, and not eggplant and mayo like many store bought varieties.


Kinda like the eggplant’s version of hummus :)

I put many of my market goodies to use for dinner.


Lets get a little closer, shall we?


I stuffed a chicken breast with baba ghanoush and grilled it on my new George Foreman. Then I finally tried some of Kath’s kale chips. I tossed kale in a little olive oil, kosher salt and parmesan then baked at 350 F for about 15 minutes. They really did turn out crispy! Except, I accidentally over-salted, and didn’t end up eating them. I should have known better, I don’t like salty foods!

I did however eat these up, plus some :)


I was pleased to find a few chickpeas in there! I dipped them in plain yogurt and went back and got the two extra ones since I didn’t eat my kale. Sosososo good. My dad used to buy Lebanese food at my hometown market., so I grew up loving this stuff. My mom always joked he was having an affair with the old lady who was Lebanese vendor :P


While not eating (or having power naps) I spent the day cleaning and unpacking. I didn’t realize how much I still have left to do, even though all the important items are unpacked. I started decorating too!


This one’s for Janetha’s roommate who also loves elephants! That’s just a snippet of my elephant statue collection.

Some of my favourite art…



I have a rule that I only hang prints of paintings I’ve seen. Impressionism is my favourite, so I’ve always gone out of my way to check out exhibits when they come here or when I’m travelling. I’ve got way more too, but you’ll have to wait until the official tour ;)

It’s no secret that I’m a messy person. So I want to work really hard to keep my new place clean. Health comes from many places, including the environment you live in. So want to surround myself with things I love and treat them well!

Question of the day: What are some of your favourite items in your home? Obviously, I choose my prints. But I also love having my instruments on display, music makes me happy!

And with that, it’s my bedtime. One of my neighbours is playing club music. Ugh. I may have to invest in earplugs…


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  1. How wonderful to display the things you love. For me, I love to see pictures of my family. It makes me happy to see how they’ve grown!

  2. lmao. love the improv of the photos. i am just sad those featured in today’s post don’t know of their new found fame! i love dolmadas, but liverwurst reminds me of cat food and i can’t hang. i worked in a deli once and i hated it when people wanted the liverwurst! it is called “wurst” for a reason. ok ok sorry to knock something you love.. i am done now. hey i dont like salty food either! i never salt my food and if it is too salty i cant eat it. i will have to show amber your collection! she will be envious. i love the colorful one. mmm lebanese, we were actually at my friend’s clothing store today and it is next to a place called cedars of lebanon and it got me craving lebanese! so funny you should be talking about it. hey that is real cool you only hang things youve seen. i have never heard of people doing that and i dig it! my favorite thing in my room art-wise is a map of the US but the states are all made of the state license plate. annnyway THIS IS SO LONG. sweet dreams!

    • Haha, don’t worry Janetha, the vendors knew full well that I had property of the photos after I took them. They were posted on my school’s website as well :)

  3. Haha the “juicing zone.” Love it! All your market produce looks great! Ahhh I just got done cleaning my kitchen. It was such a mess–seriously, it was embarrassing. Thankfully I’m living by myself! I really need to try and keep my place in better shape. I can be pretty messy, too!

    I really love my ocean painting that my grandmother made and gave me, and my race medals and awards. I love the memories :)

  4. i LOVE your art. i am working on decorating right now with all my souvenirs from traveling…now i just need money to finish it up.

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the farmers market pics. i hate to hear about the salty kale chips (i DONT like salty either) but all of it looks fabulous. baba ghanoush is one of my fave things eva!

    happy weekend!

  5. I love Impressionist art, too! When we lived outside of Chicago, we got to see the Seaurat “Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte” and it was stunning, just stunning (and enormous!)

    Those dolmadas look so tasty. I need to find some.

    Favorite things around my house:
    Tiffany lamp
    My grandmother’s handpainted plates

  6. Aw, loved your display of photojournalism. Thanks for sharing the day with us!

    Hmm…do you mean decorating-wise when you asked abt fav things at home? I’ll consider my college apt now my room, but I don’t have any decorations whatsoever, so I’ll say my George Foreman :-)

  7. We have a huge (5 ft x 5 ft.) star made of stick, yes sticks. It hangs in our main floor living room and I love the way it looks. It goes so well with the hard wood and furniture. We also use Mallard’s coffe table from college in that room as a TV stand of sorts. It’s very rustic with real wood and weathering and black iron legs. I don’t think I could ever part with it.

  8. Hi there – I just wandered over from HangryPants, and noticed you are also from Eastern Canada – so I just wanted to say hello! I’m in Nova Scotia and just started blogging (about my lovely journey to a healthier me), and have been looking for interesting blogs to read too.

    Everything from the Farmer’s Market looks delicious! I’ve missed the Farmer’s Market here lately also, not because I’m working (it’s on a Saturday here, when I am off), but because my husband is working, and needs the car. Thank goodness for Avery’s stores, or I’d never find good, locally grown and fresh produce.

    Let’s see, favorite things in my house? Do people count? Because if so my husband and son win hands down. LOL Now if people don’t count, I would have to say: (a) my art supplies, which are all set up in a corner of my office, though sadly don’t get as much love as they should, or (b) a huge painting with lots of stormy dark blues that my Dad picked up years ago, that I absolutely adore even though no one else ever wanted it – now that they see it up over my couch and matching my tab curtains, they see new life in it and adore it as well. :)

  9. Oooh, awesome art! And the fresh produce pictures..mmmm:)

  10. Thanks for stopping by my blog, neighbour. :)

    I just replied, but don’t know if you get a message saying that or not, so just letting you know I’ve replied. I’m still getting the hang of the blog system. Hehe.

  11. Are those purple potatoes regular potatoes? Interesting!!

    • April, they are regular potatoes! Regular purple potatoes are actually a little more common around here. We’re home to the potato research centre that invented them (I know, because I asked to tour the facility last year!).

  12. I can’t STAND when I get woken up an hour or so into sleeping – the Brat is notorious for waking me up because she’ll scratch on my door.

    Those dolmadas look incredibly delicious! Love your decorations! I decorate with pictures of places I’ve been. When I get my own place, I want to have themed rooms – one room that has all of my Italy stuff, another that has all my France, etc.

  13. Great market! They have it indoors? Is it year round? I LOVE Lebanese food- the real stuff is so good… It’s hard to go back to store-bought babaganoush, dolmas, etc when you’ve had the real deal! I forgot all about liverwurst… Have you ever been to a Jewish deli? I think you might like chopped liver.

    In my house- I am decorating too. What I always have up on walls is collages/artwork I have done. usually in my bedroom,. but since this is a bedsit/studio (what’s the difference?) I have a walk-in cupboard decorated instead.

    • Hey Ellie! Yes, it’s mostly indoors, with several vendors outside as well. And yes it IS year round. It gets frickin’ cold for those poor outdoor sausage vendors in February!

      I’ll have to keep chopped liver in mind. Now that I’m eating meat again, I want to try everything! :P

  14. I knew there was a reason why you’re one of my favorite bloggie buddies—Impressionism is my favorite, too! I think every house needs some Degas ;)

    Wish I could go to a great farmer’s market like that–love your loot!

  15. Oh the Boyce Farmers Market is hands down my most favorite place in Fredericton. As a young girl, I used to go early EVERY Saturday morning with my very Scottish Grandmother (had to get there first for the pick of best produce!). She would always get me a samosa from Patel’s or a spring roll from Betty Lee and let me pet the kittens that came from the farms in a box that were to be given away “free to a good home”. Now, I take my own kids (and husband) every time we go to Fredericton – it’s tradition. They now know to look for the juice man and the clown that makes balloon animals and my Greek husband is always testing the shishkebabs to see if the East Coast version meets his supreme Greekness (he’s still baffled and offended by the East Coast donair).

    Thanks for the walk down memory lane.

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