Flashback Friday

Guess what day it is!? Flashback Friday!! Yay!!

This is a little thing Janetha started, where we share old photos for fun. This week I’ll demonstrate my long time obsession with photographing food, even before I started blogging.

Exhibit A: Bobbing for lost mushrooms in fondue.


Exhibit B: Annual birthday deep-fried ice cream


Exhibit C: Family at Christmas dinner (yes, we wear funny hats)

Exhibit D: Chowing down on bananas in Jamaica

Exhibit E: Romantic barbecues at my cottage.

Exhibit F: Making Chris pose with his breakfast

Exhibit G: The only cake I’ve ever made.


That was fun! I have a surprising number of pre-blog food photos on my hard-drive. Guess I’ve always been a little weird that way ;)

I hope you all continued to challenge yourself a little and celebrate your accomplishments today :) I challenged myself as soon as I got out of bed. First, I prepared with some PB + banana + toast.


I also guzzled back a bunch of iced coffee and water before heading out under dark skies for my 70 minute run. Anyone else bummed the sun is rising later now? It wasn’t up till 6:45 this morning. I don’t mind running in the dark, but it’s cold before the sun comes up!

Not gonna lie, today’s run wasn’t as easy as my other long ones have been. I can’t complain though, I can’t expect all of them to be flawless. One thing that made it harder is that I changed my intervals to 10 minutes running, one minute walking. I’ve been slowly increasing the length of my running intervals as I also increase the time of my overall runs. But I was just not feeling these intervals. I think 9:1 may be my magic number. Ain’t nothin’ wrong with that!

Distance: 7.44 miles
Avg Pace: 9:24 min/mi

I also have to mention that I learned how to snot rocket today! Haha. Monica’s recent post on how she deals with her snotty nose on runs got me thinking about it. I forgot my usual kleenex today and started cramping up because I couldn’t breathe properly. Desperate times call for desperate measures people! So I took a deep breath and snot shot like a pro. It helps that I run on deserted trails :P


To finish off my Waffle Week I went for a savoury wafflewich a la Tay.


Two eggs, 1/2 an Yves veggie chicken burger and salsa on maple cinnamon waffles. Unfortunately, this wasn’t as amazing as I thought it was going to be. I’ve done eggs and syrup on these waffles before, which was awesome. But I wasn’t really feeling the salsa with the sweet flavour, and the salsa made them soggy! Next time, I’ll make this on unflavoured waffles ;)

I was super excited for my morning snack today. I packed one of my new cinnamon roll crisp Myoplex Lite bars.


One word – foodgasm. Let me explain. I used to eat these Quaker oatmeal-to-go brown sugar & cinnamon bars that were basically one of my favourite things ever. But they sort of fell out of my diet as I changed my eating habits. To be honest, I’d completely forgot about them until I bit into this bar today. It tastes the exact same. I’m in love.

Moving on… I tried a new combo in my lunchtime pita.


Hummus + cottage cheese. Lovely. Those of you with texture issues may be iffy about it, but garbanzos and cottage cheese were meant to be.


Now I present you with the healthiest dinner to ever be featured on this blog.


Hahahaha. I know, I know. They were having a barbecue out back at my office. I knew my over 7 mile run deserved a treat today, so why not a hamburger and piece of chocolate fudge? The burger was meh, you could tell it was cheap meat. That piece of fudge though was soooooo good. *droooool* 

It wasn’t exactly the most substantial dinner, so I had a snack when I got home.


Cantaloupe + cottage cheese. It wasn’t quite ripe enough, boo :(


I had big plans of unpacking everything in my closets tonight, but my bedtime has snuck up on me! I’m working at 5 am every day this long weekend. I’m actually looking forward to it, my afternoons off will give me a chance to finish unpacking and get to decorating!

Today’s random Q’s…

Those of you with food blogs, have you always taken pictures of food? I guess I have! It actually comes pretty naturally to me, especially after studying TV and photojournalism. I just love playing with cameras :)

How do you feel about snot rockets? One of the first things Chris told me when I started cycling was that I had to learn how to do it. I thought he was super gross for suggesting it. Guess I’m just h-core now :P

Have a great long weekend!! Come back soon for a tour of my new place. It’ll be motivation for me to get everything done!

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  1. Okay – I have to laugh because I used the word ‘foodgasm’ in my post today, too LOL! Great minds and all that.

    That waffle sammie looks so good (I would have it without the salsa).

    Great job on the run! Lots of fast peeps running out there.

    I don’t have a nose problem when I run or do any exercise. Sometimes it might run a little if it is cold out, but my breathing actually really clears up when I start to sweat.

    I have not always taken pictures of food, I don’t actually remember what got me started on it either. I’ll have to remember why I started doing food shots.

  2. hahaha susan i am never up before the sun. silly. only crackheads and you are up that early! i kid, i kid. but i don’t know how you do it! i only wish i had the motivation to workout before work. sigh.

    LOVE the FBF photos! i am the same way, tons of food photos from way back when. i guess it was always meant to be for us? it just took us awhile to discover the food blogging thing! haha. and jamaica?! JEALOUS!

    oh and i adore that cake, the decoration, not sure what it says after happy though…

    glad you liked the bar!

    mmm hummus and CC.. a marriage of delciousness. i agree ten fold.

    ok so questions well i already answered the first and snot rockets hmm nope i don’t do that.. but i also only have to blog my nose when i am sick. and then i am not exercising and tissues are always present. i guess i am not really all that snotty? haha


    • Haha Janetha, I think the cake says “Happee 21.” Except, I strictly recall my friend was turning 27 that year, so it was supposed to be a jab at her age :P I also half meant for the icing to look like a child did it, and half had no clue how to ice a stupid cake! :P

  3. I have never snot rocketed, because I don’t run or work out outside. However, I will confess to using my sweat towel for nose blowing. You gotta do what you gotta do!

  4. I never photographed as much food as when I began blogging, but looking back at my old pics, I am surprised to find that many are of meals! Just wannabe artsy ones I took of special meals.

    I’m sorta afraid to start using foodgasm on my blog! I don’t wanna overdo it! :-P

  5. I love flashback Friday :D I was amazed when my mom sent me pictures how many of them involved food…haha! Glad you enjoyed the Mypolex bar! I used to like those oatmeal ones too…and forgot all about them until now.

    I saw your comment on Janetha’s blog and just want to say that PB and cottage cheese = awesome!

    Enjoy your weekend- can’t wait to for apartment tour :D

    • Ellie, do you mind me asking how you executed the PB and CC combo? I think I could do it in oatmeal. But I’m not sure if I could mix the two together in a bowl and eat it straight up! Maybe I just need to suck it up and try it :P

      • I mixed cereal (I think fibre one?) with cottage cheese, microwaved it for 40 seconds and topped with peanut butter. The cottage cheese melts and goes string so if that’s not your thing, try it cold. I just sub cottage cheese with greek yogurt for cereal messes, though I think a george foreman’d wrap would be pretty good? With banana/raisins?

  6. I’ve taken pictures of food I’ve made intermittently (sp?) since I was young because I have always loved to bake and I wanted to show off my delicias. But, only recently have I begun to take pictures of food creations and concoctions.

  7. I’m all over the snot rockets, you just have to do it sometimes. I try to make sure no one’s around first.

    The sad thing is that I’m kind of bad at them sometimes, so especially on my bike I’ve had a couple gross instances of bad aim and poor release ;)

  8. Oh yum – fondue, deep fried ice cream (I never understood how they did that), savory waffles, hummus and cottage cheese wraps. You had one tasty Friday/flashback!!

    1. I used to take pictures when I traveled and things looked really good – Italian tiramisu?! Photographed.
    2. HAHA snot rockets! That cracked me up! I’m not talented in that area!

  9. Fried ice cream is the best! They have it at the fair every year and I pretty much devour it all!

    I almost tried cottage cheese in a wrap yesterday but didnt.. how much turkey and cottage cheese do you normally put?

    • Hey April! If it’s a turkey/cottage cheese combo than I just use a couple of slices of turkey and a couple spoonfuls of cottage cheese. If it’s just cottage cheese that I’m using, than it’s a little more, maybe 1/3 cup. Try it, I bet you’ll love it! :)

  10. Hehe–we wear Christmas hats, too, when we celebrate in the UK, anyway ;) Love the banana photo. Deep fried ice cream seems like something we should all have at least once in life!

    And the hamburger + fudge? Lady, you earned it!

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