Waffle Wednesday and perhaps a challenge?

You know what day it is… 


Waflle Wednesday! Yay!!!

I worked hard for these waffles though. I was up early before work to pay a visit to my new gym. I slept like a log last night, which is very rare for me. Usually I wake up a few times throughout the night, but last night I was out solid until my alarm went off! I think it’s just because I’m beat from moving, but hopefully I continue to sleep well in my new place :)

Gym visit this morning was awesome. One of my favourite things about my new gym is that they have a plethora of cardio machines, none of which have time limits, or required sign-up. Which makes jumping on them randomly throughout a workout very easy!

Duration: 1:07

  • 15 minutes on the elliptical, increasing resistance every 2 minutes
  • three sets barbell squats
  • three alternating sets dumbbell shoulder press and curtsy lunge
  • 10 minutes running on the treadmill, increasing speed every 2 minutes
  • three alternating sets cable horizontal woodchop and back extension
  • 10 minutes on the rowing machine, alternating underhand and overhand grip
  • two minute plank as the cherry on top ;)

I didn’t bother counting reps today. Instead, I lifted until it felt really hard, then did two more reps. It was fun! I’m so far in love with my new gym. Tomorrow night I’m trying out one of their yoga classes.

Then it was waffle time.


The usual mix. Two Nature’s Path maple cinnamon waffles, almond butter, yogurt, blueberries. Apparently the first week of September is also waffle week. I didn’t have time this morning, but tomorrow I will be having some fun with waffles!! :D

I also cut the BS this morning and put my protein powder directly in my coffee.


Just stirred about 2/3 of a scoop of chocolate whey into my chilled brewed coffee. It mixed very well, I was impressed!

For some reason, I’ve been on a bread kick lately. I think it’s because I cut “light breads” out of my diet, so I’ve been eating the real stuff. All I want are sandwiches!


This particular one had turkey, hummus, laughing cow and romaine.

No better way to polish off an old-school sandwich than with an apple.


This was another new apple to me – a Paula Red. I didn’t really care for it. Too sour, too soft.

A festive Larabar was also consumed during my work day.


I remember liking the ginger snap flavour the last time I tried it, but today I found it was too spicy. Anyone ever notice Larabars can be a little “over-spiced?” It would probably be good crumbled over something though. Or, with cream cheese icing :P

I had a loooong afternoon at work. An early lunch + late dinner = one hungry tummy come 4 pm. So I swung by the Bulk Barn to pick up some rolled oats and a snack. Figs!


These were just bursting with crispy/gooey goodness on the inside. They held me through getting many last-minute stories written up.

My mother text messaged me today to say that she saw yesterday’s blog, and that I needed placemats for my dining table. I know better than to go against my mother’s wishes, so I made sure to get some for tonight! :P


Is that better Mom? :P I bought them for a buck each at the Dollarstore.

My mother also provided the food on that placemat. Veggie pizza she left in my fridge, that I added some broccoli to. Made in my brand new toaster oven (I can already tell we’re going to be best friends).


My side salad was just garden veggies topped with cottage cheese. This was a huge meal and I almost ate all of it! My crazy hunger is starting to get a little more under control though. Hopefully it’s back to normal by tomorrow!

To my fellow Atlantic Canadians: This Friday is Eat Atlantic Day. It’s a challenge organized by the Co-op store, to eat only food produced from the four Atlantic provinces all day Friday. They’re pretty lax with it. For example, they approve Just Us! coffee because it’s roasted in Nova Scotia. Anyways, I encourage you to check it out! I won’t be participating, mainly because my life is way too hectic at the moment. But would everyone else out there be interested in a similar challenge that we can all take part in? We can all pledge to eat “regionally” for one day. It’ll be fun!

Anyways, Chris just got here and is demanding my attention. Hope your week is filled with waffles! ;)

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  1. I agree about the Larabars. I like them, but the flavors are always SO overwhelmingly sweet because of the dates! Have you tried the new PB&J Larabar? It’s by far my favorite. The peanuts tone down the sweetness a lot.

  2. Paula Red?! I’ve never heard of that variety! Your waffles look absolutely delicious – I love how they’re studded with blueberries :)

    I haven’t had that flavor Lara but I have heard that it’s really gingery! That blue place mat is really cute!

  3. look at you getting all fancy with the waffle photos! that shot is stunning. wait til you hear about my waffle wednesday failure :( i like the idea of not counting and doing a couple reps past fatigue. i am going to try that. i bet you will have some good DOMS from that! never tried the ging lara. love the placemat, your mom is too cute. i have no idea what foods are in my region… have a great night susan!!

  4. I’m defo jumping on waffle week tomorrow!! Gotta be done… yours look SO good!
    The pizza and salad look SO good too – nice job on the yummerz eats today Miss!
    Unpacking is going well. I’m pretty much at the same stage as you – important stuff (i.e. kitchen. haha) is out but some other stuff remains and decorating defo needs to be done! Loving it though and LOVING the new kitchen. Hoorah!

  5. Nice waffle pics – must be the lighting in your new place!

    That’s great that you love your new gym – makes it easy to go and stick to!

    I think eating local is a great thing to do. It would certainly be a challenge to do that for all meals and snacks.

  6. eatlivelovedream

    Yummy eats! I would for sure eat all those things :) Cute blog!

  7. your new gym sounds great! a new workout space can be really motivating especially when you enjoy it :) those waffles look SO amazing btw. and figs…and pizza…your meals were killer today!!!!!

  8. You’ve got me craving waffles…and figs! Maybe I should get a box of those Nature’s Path flax/fig waffles. Lovely pizza too!

  9. HOLLLLY that dinner plate looks awesomely good! And I love your waffle creation. As I’ve said before – Nature’s path cinnamon waffles = amazing! I can’t wait to see your waffle fun tomorrow :-)

  10. For the record… There was no demanding.

  11. I’ve never tried the Ginger Snap Laras. But, I have found a few other varieties a little on the spicey side.

  12. I find the cinnamon Lara WAY overspiced- though verdict seems to be that every bar is different. Am thinking consistency is not Lara’s strong point. I switched to real bread a few years ago and never look back…sandwichs rock my world.

    I’d be totally down for eating regionally if my local cuisine consisted of more than deep fried pizza, deep fried snickers and deep fried burgers :(

  13. What a workout! You definitely deserved those waffles this morning!
    The next time I have waffles I am going to try your healthier toppings. I usually do spread + maple syrup, but I’m a big girl now so maybe I should try something more grown up! ;)
    Hope you’re having a great day, Susan!

  14. I love how you always use the row machine! Is there a right way to do it? I’m so intimidated by it!

    And that salad looks so yummy! If it’s filling than I must try it.. I have a huge appetitite lately!

  15. The gingersnap is my 2nd fav bar…key lime is my #1. I love ginger though. There cannot be too much ginger for me! lol!

    This waffle week news makes me want to make waffles this weekend! :)

    I’m not sure I could eat regionally where I’m at! We don’t really have much agriculture here! :(

  16. woowoo for the waffle train!

    those fresh figs are gorgeous, as is that dinner. and the gingersnap lara i have a feeling is going to taste especially good in the winter around christmas time.

    woowoo for the snazzy new gym!!!

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