Digging my way out

Hey guys! How are you all doing? I feel so cut off from the world, these past few days have just been a whirlwind. Did you know tomorrow is already Waffle Wednesday? Gah! How did that happen? Even more – it’s September! Figures, just when the weather starts to get cooler, I move into a basement apartment :P

I was up way before my mom and sister this morning. I quietly tried to throw together something to eat without waking them, which of course meant I dropped and banged into everything I touched.


PB&J toast made under the broiler because I may have broken my toaster. Applesauce on the side.

My family eventually came to, my mother started croaking for coffee, and my sister and I geared up for our 5k run. This was my first time running with someone else – it was so much fun! Made it go by much quicker, even if our conversation was a little short breathed :P We also pace the exact same, neither of us was faster or slower than the other.

Duration: 27:21
Distance: 5.03 km
Avg pace: 8:45 min/mi

A perfect little burst of energy to wake up our creaky muscles from all the heavy lifting yesterday :)

Once we showered and dressed, we all headed to Cora’s for a late brunch. It’s a Quebec-based chain that specializes in breakfast/lunch.


She looks like a nice lady, no?

They have a huge menu chock full of delicious looking breakfast items.


I had eggs benedict on my mind, thanks to Janetha.


I ordered it with the asparagus and swiss cheese, but minus the Hollandaise sauce. I also got all fruit on the side, and skipped the potatoes.


I’m jealous of Cora’s perfectly poached eggs! Someday, I will do that.

My mom got sausage in buckwheat pancakes.


And Sara got a crepe omelette.


Yes, that’s a spinach and cheese omelette rolled up in a crepe. I tasted it, it was divine.

My only complaint about Cora’s is that their fruit isn’t always as flavourful as I’d like. I assume it’s because they have to buy it in bulk quantities seeing as they go through so much of it. The oranges and kiwis were bitter, strawberries a little worse for the wear, etc.

Me and my running buddy…

Brunch fuelled us up for a Wal-mart extravaganza. My mom and sister continued to spoil me and basically be the best people in the world, getting me a microwave stand, toaster oven, and countless other household items. 

The rest of the afternoon was spent digging our way out of boxes and getting some semblance of what my place actually looks like! I stopped to munch on my mom’s famous homemade hummus.


I’ll ask her for a recipe, but I know she uses the same method as me – throw all appropriate hummus ingredients in food processor and blend. She never measures anything, thus every batch tastes slightly different. I think her real trick to making it taste amazing every time is that she cooks her own chickpeas. You can definitely taste the difference between the canned and dried varieties.

Dinner was also courtesy my mother. She and Sara left before supper today, but left some food in the fridge so I could make a meal :)


Check it out! I can eat at a table now! In my old place, most meals were eaten off my lap :\  New place also has wonderful lighting for food photos.


Haddock, that my mom had previously breaded, on a bed of romaine, tomatoes, sweet peppers and lemon juice.

A sneak peek of my new dining spot!


There’s still a lot to be done before it looks “home-y.” I’m still trying to get everything cleaned (the place was filthy) and unpacked before I start decorating. 

Sure can’t beat this view though!

One of my favourite things about my city is the river that runs through it. I don’t know why, but it gives me happy feelings, and now I can see it from my window!! :D

After dinner, I realized I have absolutely no food for work tomorrow, so I hit up the grocery store. This week’s fun find:


Barbara’s shredded spoonfuls. I started munching on these right away, caught myself, then realized I should just eat a bowl of the stuff instead of a whole serving from the palm of my hand.


With some blueberries and unsweetened vanilla almond milk. It was quite good! They got soggy pretty quick, but I still love the flavour.


So now it’s just me, all by myself, in an apartment that’s all my own. I’ve lived alone for short periods before, but only ever after roommates had moved out. This is the first place I’ve ever had that’s 100% mine! It’s a pretty sweet feeling :) And there will be more photos of the place as I get set-up. We’ll do a formal tour :)

I’m off to do some final cleaning before bed. Getting up early for a lifting workout at my new gym. Super excited to play around in the weight room there!

Question of the day: Got any song recommendations for me? I’m getting pretty sick of what’s on my iPod and I need some new stuff to listen to when I’m at the gym or running!

See ya tomorrow! ;)

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  1. Looks great! I’d love a river view…we have a highway view, which isn’t quite the same.

    Not a song recommendation, but I love the free podcast “Savage Love.” Hilarious relationship and sex advice from my favorite writer, Dan Savage. It makes me laugh through my whole workout!

  2. What a lovely view! You know, basement apartments aren’t that bad – you actually have some good insulation in the winter from the super freezing temps since it is underground. At least you have windows!

    That menu looks so good – was that maple and brie? Yum!

    Love that pic of you and your sister.

    As for song recommendations, not sure what your taste is, but I highly, highly recommend either Hot Club or France (Django Reinhardt) or Hot Club of Detroit (Detroit one styled after the Paris one). It’s gypsy jazz with a french feel and fun to exercise to.

  3. Ahhh I’m with you. These past few days–week, evevn–have been SO crazy. Cora’s looks like a cool place.

    Awww, your apartment is cute! Love the view :)

  4. congrats on your place – i’ve never lived alone and have always wanted to, actually! enjoy this time – it’s exciting!

  5. Love the glimpses of your new pad… Hehe, you know you are a blogger when you notice the lighting straight off the bat :P Brunch looks delicious! As does your mom’s cooking… Mom’s always add a little special something to dishes.

    Have a great Wednesday!

  6. Oh thanks for reminding me about waffle wednesday! I always forget.

  7. Congrats on a place of your own!

  8. omg. That crepe looks CRAZY gooD!!!
    Ain’t moving into a new space SO amazing? Congrats! :D

  9. I want to do Waffle Wednesday but I don’t have a waffle maker :( So until I get one, I live variously through your waffles!

    That place looks awesome! Sausage in buckwheat pancakes?! I would definitely get that!

    Your new place looks so adorable!

  10. Spoonfuls are soooo delish :)
    A great song for running is Down by Jay Sean. Its my new obssession!

  11. AWWW – was so great to spend some time with you Susan! And I’m so happy to see you set up in your place :) xox

  12. i am in my own place for truly the first time and I LOVE IT. a gal can get used to that :)

    yay for pretty lighting…mine doesn’t have the best lighting so i have resorted to taking my food into my bedroom where there are windows galore, haha.

    poached eggs? perfection.

  13. That menu is the cutest I’ve ever seen! What a gorgeous view! Anything involving a lake gets 10 extra points :)

    That cereal box threw me for a second because it’s different than the US kind. I think yours looks nicer to be honest! Have fun jazzing up your new place and making it yours!

  14. broken toaster?! no bueno. way to improvise though.on another girl’s blog i read, she lives in canada, she reports her runs in km/min. i love that you do miles/min because i am not a metric fan. wait wait wait that came out wrong, you KNOW i LOVE metric! but the whole number system thang. haha cora does look nice! i love that cute menu and holler to the EB! that looks like the fanciest version ever! love that you have a table and the fab lighting. that will come in handy. so glad you are settled into your new abode! xoxo

  15. Your city is perhaps one of the prettiest cities I’ve ever seen and I’ve been to lots places. :) Every time I run, I long for the Green or the Gibson Trail. I have serious homesickness, lots…

    I took my kids to Cora on Queen Street when I was there back in July. We sat in just about the same spot you did! My son had a chocolate/hazlenut banana crepe, that was insane! Mmmmm

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