The Great Move – Third and Final Round

Hello friends! Well, everything I own is now in the new place!! All together now – Amen!! :P

No pics of the place yet, I want to wait till the piles upon piles of boxes are cleared up first. Hopefully it will be a little more under control tomorrow.

So I started my day off at 5:30 am for a spin class at my new gym. Started with a little hotel coffee and a naner.


Spin was awesome. The spin classes at my old gym were quite small, so I was excited to go to a “real” one. First, the music wasn’t that bad! Remixed top 40 stuff that worked quite well with what we were doing. My instructor was this cute, feisty woman (with braces!) who got really into it. Very motivating :) It was 60 minutes total and tough as hell. Spin perfection!

Afterwards, I went back to the motel and hit up the continental breakfast. Quite possibly the saddest hotel breakfast I’ve ever participated in.

100_7326White english muffin, cold boiled egg, macintosh apple. I was starving after spin class, and gobbled this up, despite how incredibly sub-par it was. Whatever, I ain’t turnin’ down free food!

I’ve been starving all day. I think I may have burned more than I thought running up and down the stairs for four hours yesterday. Not even two hours after breakfast, my tummy started growling. So I dug into my bar stash and came up with this:

100_7328 100_7329

This didn’t last long either! Major tummy rumbles started occurring shortly after, so I went for an early lunch.

I went to Smitty’s, a breakfast-type place in the mall. Not the fanciest, but they have wireless internet, comfy booths, and let you loiter for as long as you want. I ordered grilled chicken, roasted veggies and a salad.


After I took the picture, I promptly cut up the chicken, mixed everything together and drizzled a little of the balsamic vinaigrette on top :)

This only lasted me two hours too! What is up?? Anyways, I was a drifter all afternoon while waiting for the fam to show up to help me move. I loitered in Starbucks for a while and made my needy tummy a PB&J. That seemed to be enough to power me through the last and final move. My sister and I had beads of sweat dripping down our brows at one point! My goodness! My biceps are already sore…

We rewarded our hard work with a lovely dinner at my fave local spot, Isaac’s Way.

Blurry photo courtesy of our waitress, who doesn’t know my cheap camera’s sweet spots ;) In case you can’t tell, that’s my sister Sara on the left, and my mom on the right. THANK YOU for your help!!! I owe them A LOT, I don’t know how to even begin thanking them for all their help…

My mom got her favourite, a lentil bulgur salad.


Sara got a quesadilla with sweet potato fries (which I had many of!)


I ordered the cranberry tilapia with a salad.


Bah! Damn you flash photography! It was good, but not quite as filling as I’d hoped. I’d ordered roasted red potatoes with it, but the waitress told me they were iffy and not to get them.

Then we came back and started unpacking and scrubbing everything down. We made a good dent, but still have lots to do tomorrow!


Alright friends, it’s waaaay past my bedtime (11 pm, I’m 80, I know). Sara is going to get up and run 5k with me in the morning! :D I have a feeling it will be a slower, “recovery” jog of sorts. These past few days have been pretty physically demanding!

Hope your Mondays went well! I’m behind on my fellow blog stalking. It shall recommence soon I hope :)

Question of the day: What’s the worst meal you were ever served? I have to say, the worst meal I ever ordered was a lobster paella in Cuba. The seafood tasted like rubber tires and I think it gave Chris E. Coli! You can read the recap here.

Night night!

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  1. Yay! The hard part is over! I don’t think I have ever seen a hardboiled egg in a continental breakfast LOL!

    Aren’t you glad you did all that strength training to get you through the move? Imagine how you would have felt without it!

    • Haha Lori, I was actually praising NROL the whole time! Especially the countless number of deadlifts, squats and lunges I’ve done over the past several months. Pretty sure I would have died otherwise! :P

  2. haha i love how you threw in a link to the worst meal evvvver.. i am running to go read about it! ;) no actually, i probably will now that i am curious. hooray for being moved in!! although the photo is blurry, you guys are cute. i want to try a spin class! this comment is so ass backwards, i have now officially lost my train of thought.. hmmm.. i hope you get full tomorrow! loves.

  3. oh i didnt answer the question! hmmm i have been served many-a-shitty meals in my day, but there was this “lobster & steak” in mexico in april and it literally tasted like rubber. no thanks.

  4. Congrats! That quesadilla with sweet potato fries looks incredible.

    Worst restaurant meal ever, hmmm…probably some really bad pasta that was served with what looked like wet cat food on top. It was supposed to be some kind of ricotta cheese/sun dried tomato/pesto combo but wound up looking really beige and chunky. It didn’t taste much better!

  5. Last Thanksgiving, instead of a traditional dinner, Mallard’s mom made ham sandwiches and homemade vegetable soup. Normally she is a good cook. But, I had mentioned many times throughout the relationship that I disliked ham and vegetable soup especially with meat in it and hers had ham in it. Those are probably two of the foods that I dislike most. So, I ended up heating up a Lean Cuisine t(processed to the max) that she offered from the freezer when I politely declined but thanked her for offering the soup and sandwich.

  6. That lentil bulgur salad looks amazing! Yum! What a great thing to find on a menu… :)

  7. Yay yay yay!!!!! So glad you made it! :D :D :D Moving made me so hungry too. I think I WAY underestimated how much fuel it takes between lifting boxes and the sheer stress, lol.

    Did you pick a gift for your landlady?

    Worst meal: one time I orderd a grilled vegetable and cheese sandwich. Sounded pretty good. It came in aluminium foil- a HUGE stale bun, filled with one giant carrot that had been randomly cut into long chunks, with a slice of melted Kraft cheese on top. The whole thing was soggy from the cheese melting inside and the butter the put on the outside of the bun (huh?!) the foil…it was vile. I don’t normally waste food, but I couldn’t eat it.

    • Ellie, no, I didn’t end up getting her anything. I didn’t have much time to go hunt something down that was appropriate. Maybe I’ll make her something now that I’m in my kitchen!

  8. I’m amazed at what healthy choices everyone was able to order while eating out! Everything looks sooo good.
    And I love the hard boiled eggs on the muffin, but I do miss seeing those bug fluffy egg pillows!
    Can’t wait to see pics of the new place!

  9. I’ve had tons of bad meals. It’s hard to pick the worst. One was definately the omelet that was so greasy that when I stabbed it with my fork grease flew up in the air like a geyser. Had to send that back!

    Another bad one was served to me by…me! I tried to make a tofu stir fry with peanut sauce. No recipe. It was bad. My husband still doesn’t allow tofu in the house! lol!

    Glad you got moved in! :)

  10. Glad everything is moved in! Good luck unpacking!! That dinner looks delicious!

    The worst meals I’ve had were while I was traveling abroad because I didn’t really know what to expect. While in Paris we were served chicken which was still pink – obviously I didn’t eat it but my friend did and she was up all night :(

  11. April (Foods of April)

    Cranberry tilapia sounds so good!!

    Good luck unpacking! I think that’s the worst part of moving or coming home from vacation.. I hate it! lol

  12. Yay for being moved in!!! We rocked it sister.
    I love how I talk like we actually did it together…

    Such a relief to be done though, right? My life is in boxes but at least it’s all in one place!!

    Sorry for the sub-par eats but no doubt you’ll be cooking up a storm in no time in the new place!!

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