Moving Madness ‘09 – Round 2


I don’t think I have ever been so happy to plop down on a sketchy motel bed.

Phew! What a day it’s been!

I slept very lightly on the floor last night. For some reason my body wanted to wake up at 2 am and I had to force it back to sleep several times before my 4:30 am alarm. I normally shower the night before my early morning shifts to minimize preparation time in the morning. But today, I jumped in, knowing it would help wake me up. So glad I did!!

Made some instant oats once I got to work.


They also had lots of cinnamon, soy protein powder, dates and almond butter.

Tried the second and last of my Slim Down bars for my snack.


Sorry about the washed out photo! Office lighting, I know you understand ;) This flavour is Belgian Chocolate Crisp.


Ummm…it was edible? Same chalky flavour. This one has HFCS too. Ick. That’s enough for me for a while I think. This bar gets a big fat will not buy again.

My lunch should probably get some sort of pitiful award. It was still tasty though! Guess I’m just easy to please…

It featured some local goods.



It’s from Blacks Harbour in my lovely province of New Brunswick. Chris actually has family from there! I know this stuff is available in parts of the US too because I’ve seen it on Kath’s blog.

Sardines are incredibly good for you. As the label says, they’re chock full of omega-3, Iron, Calcium and Vitamin D (which is required for the body to absorb calcium). You gotta eat the bones to get the calcium in sardines though. You can’t notice them anyways, they’re really soft and tiny.



They aren’t the most appetizing to look at or smell though.


They kinda stank up the newsroom :P

I ate my can straight up on some pita bread.


It was quite tasty just like that! I had a gala to finish it off.


It loves me again :P Must be a thing they put on all New Zealand stickers? I can’t wait until apple season!

I took a 30-minute power nap when I got home, then proceeded to spend four hours carrying endless bags of garbage and the remainder of my stuff up and down four flights of stairs. Holy moly. It was a workout.

I think my Ford Focus may also explode it’s so full.


I couldn’t get the movers to take everything because the temporary spot for my stuff is quite small. So I only got them to take the larger items.

I snacked on a few bread and cheese products as I worked away this afternoon, but nothing too substantial. Come 5 pm, I was starving. I stopped by the grocery store on the way back to my office. I’m storing some of my food in the break room fridge (condiments anyone?).

Soooo, yet another meal, eaten at my desk.


Spicy california spring roll. I was craving something green and fresh. It was quite good! What I was really craving though was a Greek salad.


Yay! Vegetables!! :D I put a teeny drizzle of this stuff on top:


The “olive oil” bit tricked me into thinking it was an oily dressing, which is my favourite. Alas, it was creamy. Whatever, I lived.

After a little more running around and some phone calls, I finally checked into my hotel room. I’m so happy to have a couple hours to rest and relax after my strenuous day today. Tomorrow is the last day of Moving Madness ‘09. My mother and sister are coming up (yay!) and helping me move all my belongings to their final resting place in my new apartment. Then the two angels will help me unpack. And hopefully get me drunk :P

I pulled an Anne and have my foam roller with me.


Gotta prevent muscle soreness from all the heavy lifting and stair climbing I did today!

I’m also on scurvy watch.


I just ate it and already feel better :)

Now I’m going to curl up with my Google Reader and cable TV (haven’t had that in a few days!). I’m going to the morning spin class tomorrow at my new gym, I’m excited!! I figured I’d be up anyways after my early mornings this weekend. Plus, working out in the morning makes me more energetic and ready to take on the day. I always feel awesome after a little morning sweat sesh :)

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!! I’ll see you from the new place tomorrow!

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  1. Hey – your one step closer to being done!

    That oatmeal looks tasty, but the sardines… hmmm…. :D

  2. ok, that bed looks better than the floor. for sure. and what is up with EVERY hotel bedspread in the WORLD being some ugly ass pattern? still have never had sardines. and now that i know you eat the bones i am a little weary. but baller protein stats! glad the moving madness is almost over, cant wait to see your new place!! xo

  3. oh and second comment ain’t bad ;)

  4. Dang, I really should try sardines, since they’re oh so good for you…! Have supahh good time at your spin class tomorrow morning!

  5. GALA!!! Excellent apple selection ;)

    Glad the move is halfway done and that you get to sleep in a real bed tonight! Hope the rest of the move goes well!

  6. that is the best looking instant oatmeal ever! Good for you taking care of yourself even in the middle of moving and staying in a hotel!

  7. That car looks like it will explode if you put one more thing in it! Enjoy your restful night!

    Just one more day?

    • Hey Diane! Yup! Should hopefully have everything in the new place by the end of Monday. It’s definitely turned into a confusing drawn out process :P

  8. I bet you’re not in a hurry to move again anytime soon! Good luck unpacking… glad to hear that you’ll have lots of help.

    You’re doing great on your weekly long runs… your mileage is really increasing!!

  9. Ugh! I hate moving! I hope finishing up goes well!

    Enjoy your spinning class! I really want to try one but it seems to be such a “culture” at my gym that it’s a bit intimidating to go join in.

    • Ha Kristin, you are such a triathlon rockstar, I can’t imagine you being intimidated! :) I definitely recomend going in early and chatting with the instructor before class. They’re usually pretty welcoming and will hopefully put you at ease :)

  10. YAY Susan! you’re almost done…well, closer, anyway! Wish you all the best!
    Oh, and I adore sardines! I actually like the stink of it. If you mix it with a tiny bit of mayo and ketchup and hot sauce, it’s an amazing spread on bread! (or pita)

  11. You’re almost there! Soon you’ll be enjoying your new fancy running trail.

    PS: It’s Brie! I started a blog. Check it out!

  12. You are going to feel awesome in a few days when you’re all moved in and settled. This madness won’t last too much longer. I have to say I’ve never eaten sardines. I guess the look and smell always ruined it for me. That hotel bedspread is lovely, don’t ya think? All that matters is that it’s not the floor, right? ;)

  13. almost there! Still sending you those good vibes- am glad you have some help today. And alcohol sounds much needed. Can’t wait to see pics of the new pad!

    Do sardines have a really strong flavour? They get such a bad wrap but are soo good for you…

    • Hey Ellie, that’s actually a fantastic question that I forgot to mention! No, sardines actually do not have a strong flavour. They’re actually quite a mild fish. I would compare it to some of the “sturdier” white fish out there like herring.

  14. We are hardcore I tell you! Moving is HARD! Four flights of stairs is defo something I did not have to contend with though…ditto motel rooms.

    Soon enough we shall both be settled in awesome new abodes and all will be well. I want to organize my kitchen tonight which is a way bigger job than I’m pretending it is!

    Yum to your sushi!
    Luv ya! (cute label)

  15. 4 flights of stairs… you are crazy girl! Glad it’s over and done with!

    Hope you have a great week!

  16. ahhhh moving is such a pain, no? ummm, i am SO GLAD to hear that was a motel because for a second i was thinking it was your new bed, and i was like holy 1980s comforter!

    sardines…can’t quite do em. but the salad and spring rolls look delish. and i am glad to hear you are wary of scurvy and taking preventative measures. good luck with the rest of the move dear!

  17. I love sardines! In fact, there’s a restaurant in LA that has a sardine and banana sandwich. It was just too weird not to try and IT WAS GOOD!! :-D Sweet and salty, right!? yum.

  18. sardines are a great sustainable fish; i like em mashed the way i’d prep tuna….

  19. You must be exhausted! This move sounds seriously stressful. I am so glad it’s over for you!
    You hve such a cute little foam roller. Ours is really long (TWSS?) and hard to maneavuer.

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