Moving – Round 1

Hello peoples! I loved hearing all of your weird food combos. A lot of you love poultry/fruit combos which I have to say, I do love too. However, I think I’ll have to try some applesauce on my chicken next time ;) Also, apparently they eat apple and cheddar oatmeal in Scotland, which sounds really good to me!

Anyways, today didn’t have so many weird combos. Just pitiful ones :P

Got the day started right with a 5 am breakfast cookie at work.


I love the newspapers in the background. Makes me feel all warm and newsie inside. Oh yes, the cookie, this was of the chocolate macaroon variety.


Trail mix. My favourite parts are always the apricots and soy nuts. If they’re not already, I highly recommend adding soy nuts to your snacking rotation. They’re noticeably higher in protein than other nuts!

For lunch, I used up my last two eggs.


“Scrambled” in the microwave on whole wheat toast and laughing cow cheese.

My fruit for the day…


Applesauce, sans chicken.

It was such a slow morning. Then, about an hour before I’m due to leave, I get a phone call saying there’s a police standoff on the outskirts of town!!! Bah! Why is it news only ever happens when I have somewhere to be?? For once, I was happy the police around here are super tight lipped. They wouldn’t divulge anything, so there was no sense chasing it down. I’m pretty curious as to what happened though, guess I’ll find out when I go back tomorrow!

Once I got home, I had tons of time to get everything ready for the movers. I tried out a new bar to fuel me through the first stage of madness.


I’ve been eyeing these Rebars for quite some time. This Caramel one caught my eye because it had a decent amount of protein (14g). One reason why I opt for bars sometimes is because they’re macronutriently balanced. Otherwise, I might as well eat a bunch of fruit or bread, ya know?

This bar also had 4 servings of veggies and fruit and included ingredients like kale, beets, cauliflower and tomato.


To start, it didn’t smell so hot. Kinda like, well, a bar full of dried veggies. Tastewise, it was better. You could only vaguely taste the veggies. I would compare it to the faint vegetable taste in a green smoothie. The chocolate coating helped, and I was a fan of the the peanut pieces. Overall, I would buy this bar again. More so because it’s a healthier alternative to some of the perhaps tastier ones out there.

The bar did indeed power me through watching the poor movers cart my furniture and endless bags of clothing up and down four flights of stairs (money well spent!!). And then bringing everything to its temporary home until I get it into my new place either Sunday or Monday.

I definitely missed my microwave for supper. I have no patience for the oven.


Sol veggie burger on pita bread I found in the back of my freezer. And the remainder of my frozen broccoli and brussel sprouts. 

Now I’ve got my bed set up for the night…


I forgot that I had a thin foam mattress on my bed. So I set it up on some old pillows with my duvet.

My view from my “bed"…"


*Sigh* One day down, just a couple left to go.

One thing that brightened my spirits considerably was planning out my workouts for next week on my Google Calendar. Some exercise classes and lifting sessions at my new gym and a couple runs on the glorious river trail that’s right in front of my new place! :D

Okee, I’m off to scrounge some lunch up for tomorrow and pack up the few remaining items that will be moved in my car.

Question of the day: What’s your favourite method of cooking? Oven? Stove-top? Microwave? Toaster oven? Barbecue? George Foreman? :P I use the stove-top and microwave for just about everything. For some reason, I hate using my oven. It takes so long and uses up so much energy!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!! :)

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  1. I saw those bars at WFs and was thinking of trying them – thanks for the review! I hate using my oven too, just because it takes so long to heat up! I like the Foreman for lunch, stove-top for dinner.

  2. Moving is such a pain, but you’ll be so happy when it’s done! I think my fav method of cooking is the grill, party because that means my boyfriend is cooking ;-) but also I just love grilled foods. I had him show me how to turn the grill on so I might venture out there myself sometime soon…if I burn down our condo, it’s been fun knowing ya!

  3. I use my stovetop and oven for just about everything. The microwave is great when I’m in a hurry but things taste so much better when I take the time to use the oven.

  4. April (Foods of April)

    That bar sounds really good! I want one! haha.

    Thanks for reminding me about the soynuts! I’ve had some in my pantry for a while now and I always forget about them.

    I like microwaving, the stovetop, and my panini press the best! (They are also the most simple :) )

  5. Ugh. I’m in the midst of moving/cleaning hell. Hating it!

    I cook almost everything on the stove top! I love grilling and am moving somewhere with a big gas grill outside so maybe I’ll be able to do that more now…don’t own a microwave though – it’s such a treat to use the one at work!

  6. i forgot about pairing apples and cheddar. i love that! i made your hummus just now. it is so damn good. rebar? that is an interesting name for a bar! it just makes me think of the stuff construction workers use.. rebar.. um yeah ok duh janetha. nice bed! hope you sleep soundly on that. soo smart to hire movers. 4 flights?! um cooking method, i like to grill and i also love stovetop. xo!

  7. Although I really love to bake, for most meals, I use the microwave.

  8. i wish with all my heart i would have forked out money for movers. soooo worth it. also, that is exactly what my bed looked like the first two weeks :)

    good luck with the rest of the move…mmm, love me trail mix too. i found one with dark chocolate covered soynuts. ummm, ridiculously amazing. i actually stopped myself from buying it because it was that addicting.

    oh and i LOVE grilling! nothing beats grillmarks!

  9. When I was a kiddo (and forced to eat my meat, literally. I’m telling you I was born vegetarian!) it was applesauce and breaded pork chops :)

    I have zero patience in everyday life so it’s all about the micro for me! It helps that I won’t get any food born illness as well ;)

    I live in a crime free area for the most part and I saw a police stand off when I was out running errands a few weeks ago – guns drawn and all, twas crazy!

  10. Ahahaha, I laughed at the “applesauce, sans chicken” part :)

    I am a total microwave girl! Quick and easy is the way to go ;)

  11. i hate it when something doesn’t smell as good as it tastes….i am a microwave kinda gal. i am hoping not to be, trying to cut my addiction – but it IS an addiction, i’m realizing….

  12. we also eat whisky oatmeal here…somehow, not appealing to me :P

    gah- sending good vibes your way for the move! Hope you managed to get some sleep. I was thinking about you last night :(

    Cooking? I have zero patience for cooking so anything that takes too long is no-go. Though I love roasted vegetables. I would say microwave or George Foreman- though I only love GF because I am obsessed with grilled wraps (I don’t use it for anything else!)

  13. Seriously, you did a GREAT job of eating healthy during this move! Looking back at your meals, I don’t know how you did it…I would have turned to fast food some of the time probably :/

    I think my favorite method is on the stovetop. I like seeing what I am cooking :)

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