Flashback Friday

Happy Flashback Friday!! I’m taking part in Janetha’s little thang this week where every Friday you show some old pics for giggles. My pictures aren’t that old, but still fun to look back on!

Here’s me and my sisters back in July 2005. Jealous they’re having fun at the cottage without me right now!


Looking tough on Chris’ Harley in June 2006. Don’t worry mom, I’ve never driven it, I can barely reach the handlebars!!

And for good measure, here’s a present photo of me. In my new glasses!!


You can’t really tell, but they’re a nice deep blue colour. My hair is still wet from the shower here. Blow dryer = frizzy disaster.


Even though I went to bed late last night, I was still up at 6:30 this morning. Ugh! Went for a small-ish breakfast to prep for my long run.

Maple cinnamon waffles with almond butter and peach raspberry jam. Oh you better believe I’m obsessed with PB&J now!

I spent too long fooling around on the internet though, and when I was ready to go a couple hours later, I was hungry again. So I had a few prunes.


Then I was off!! Seeing as I was sleep deprived and still had more physical activity in store for today, I took it easy. Except, I still ended up going pretty fast!

Duration: 1:05:03
Distance: 6.88 miles
Avg Pace: 9:26 min/mi

It was pretty cool out this morning, very fall-like. My heart rate was lower than usual, not sure if it’s related to the temp. But I felt really relaxed the whole time and not like I was huffing and puffing like some of my more recent runs. I did intervals again of 9 minutes running followed by 1 minute walking. Oh, and yes, this is a new distance record for me… again ;)

Came home and rolled the eff out of my calves because they’ve been screaming at me lately (no idea why, my body is an enigma). Then made a lovely smoothie.


  • 1 box One Coconut Water
  • 2 scoops Vega Smoothie Infusion
  • 1 frozen banana
  • 1/2 cup frozen papaya chunks

Glug glug glug


Gotta have a sweaty, unshowered pic in here too ;) Wearing my triathlon shirt!!

Lunch consisted of some more odds and ends from my kitchen.


Chickpea pizza!

  • 1 pita pocket
  • 1/8 cup cottage cheese
  • spinach
  • 1/2 cup chickpeas (maybe more)
  • garlic, dried oregano, ground cumin, pepper
  • mozzarella


This was majorly YUM. Pretty sure you can put anything on pita bread, melt cheese on it, and it will be awesome :P

After lunch, I called my landlady to check if buddy was going to be out of my new place by tomorrow, when my mover’s come. She said she still didn’t know. So I got his number from her and just called him myself.

Turns out he’s in Nova Scotia this weekend, and won’t be back until late Sunday. Problem is, I can’t re-book the movers for Sunday. And I have to be out of my current apartment Sunday at midnight.

My new landlord says we can store my stuff in the empty apartment next door until buddy moves out. But it’s looking like he won’t be out of there until Monday.

So, I have movers taking my crap Saturday, moving it to this apartment next door until Monday, at which point I have to move it all into my new place when buddy finally vacates.

I called my mother, hysterical, because I had no one to help me move my big items on Monday, nor do I have a place to stay Sunday night. Thankfully, my mommy was able to help me sort things out. She will pay for a hotel room Sunday night. Saturday night, I will just have to sleep on the floor of my current apartment, which will be completely empty by then. Then, she and my sister are coming to visit on Monday to help me do the final move, and Chris will be back from work that same night.

Holy crap. Kudos to you if you could keep up with all of that. Honestly, I think what frustrates me the most about this whole situation is that my new landlady just does not get it. English isn’t her first language, so maybe something is getting lost in translation, but she doesn’t really think it’s a big deal. I also have to work at 5 am both Saturday and Sunday, so I am going to be seriously sleep deprived going through all of this. As if I want to sleep on the floor of my empty apartment, only to get up at 4 in the morning to work. So, so not cool.

Anyways, that’s my rant. I’m puffy eyed again. But at least I never lose my appetite…


Another strange combo. Soft fried eggs on toast with 1/4 of a butternut squash dressed in Earth Balance spread, brown sugar and cinnamon. Surprisingly, the sweet squash went really well with the toast!


That’s all for today, I still have toooons to do to get ready for the movers. I’m praying work is slow tomorrow, and that I at least get some sleep tonight. Three more days…

Question of the day: What are some of the strangest food combos you’ve ever had??

I still think candied sweet potatoes are super weird. Marshmallows belong in my cocoa, not my vegetables! :P


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  1. omg how stressful! you poor thing!!!!! okay maybe u already have this, but if you dont…i would invest in an airbed for the floor sleeping. it will make that one night a million times more comfortable AND i got my last one at target for maybe 13 bucks. and you will use it again in the future im sure. maybe you already have this and dont literally mean sleeping on the ground but when i first moved to LA, i literally slept on sweatshirts on the floor because i thought airbeds were expensive and someone pointed out that they cost less than my last meal at dear ole tarjay. i wish i lived near you so i could help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you will make it through, i know it! so close !

    • Hey Kate, thanks for the tip!! We don’t have a Target here, but I’ll swing by Wal-Mart today to see if I can find a cheap one. You’re right, having a comfy surface to sleep on could make a world of difference!

  2. Sorry the move isn’t working out smoothly. It will be over soon enough, though. Just roll with it.

    That is one interesting pizza, I have to say!

    I don’t know if it’s a strange combo but I love thanksgiving sandwiches that have turkey, dressing, cranberry sauce and gravy on them. Yum!

    And my hubby loves candied sweet potatoes.

    I assume that you are not paying for those lost days in the new apartment?

  3. Awesome run, BTW – you are so ready for the 10K!

  4. That pizza looks sooo good! Congrats on the run. How did you make your bnut squash?

    • Hey Sarah! I just made it in the microwave. It’s better microwaved still in the skin, but I had already peeled it previously. Of course, it always tastes best in the oven, but the microwave is still good in a pinch! :)

  5. Ahaha, you’re right, that WAS fun to get a blast from the past!
    And oh my god, crazy landlord! So sorry you had to go through that brouhaha, but glad your mom came to the rescue!

    strange combo…Well, check out my recent post for my grilled sammie! :-)

  6. Hang in there–it’ll be over soon! Moving is the worst. We did a 5 hour away move earlier this year with two screaming cats and no movers–and survived to tell the tale.

    Weirdest food combo: I love dipping chicken and hamburgers in applesauce. My mom let me do it as a kid to get me to eat meat, which I hated, and I still do it sometimes!

  7. you and the sissies are adorable, and LOVE the glasses. ugh, moving is such a good idea in theory but in practice, it sucks. so much work. i am crossing my fingers for ya dear :)

    pita pizza? YES. smoothie? YES. waffles and other breakfast eats? YES and YES. mmmmm….lovin it all!

    good luck!


  8. Oh those are the best waffles!! I love ketchup on my veggies – which my fam thinks is weird! Although they also think PB in oatmeal is weird, so what do they know?!?

    You and your sisters look like you have so much fun!

  9. My grandpa was of German descent and he had some odd comfort food combinations. One was Saltine crackers crumbled into a coffe cup of cold milk. I loved it when I was little!

  10. YES! you participated! and it was all i had hoped for and more. i love the FBF! haha, the harley photo is absolutely fab. i wouldnt dare sit on one in fear i would tip it! cute specs :) love that distance climbing higher and higher. way to go. UM susan, garbz on a pizza?! genius. sheer genius. sorry about the moving woes! sounds like you have it sorted, i am sure you will be glad to have this weekend behind you though. what a debacle! ay ay ay. your fam is sweet for coming to help you out. hmmm i dont think those last eats are weird, they look good! so maybe i am weird? ok so a lot of people think my fam is crazy but we like to make PB toast and dip it in campbell’s vegetarian vegetable soup. grew up doing that and have it when i am sick. also buttered toast dipped in heated up nesquik+milk gets some weird reactions (we call it cocoa and toast).. hmmm dipping wendy’s french fries in their frosties is good! love you lots, good luck this weekend!

  11. HOLY MOLY! That pizza combination is perfection – chickpeas, pita, CC, can’t beat that!

    Ugh what a headache with the move! I’m sorry to hear about all that stress :(

    Strange food combos? Hmm I really used to like Wendy’s french fries dipped in a frosty – sweet and salty, warm and cold. Best of both worlds! Hah I just saw Janetha’s comment!

  12. Prunes!! The perfect pre workout fuel in my opinion!

    Can you believe I’ve never had coconut water? It sounds like it’d make a great smoothie addition though!

    Sorry about all that moving hassel..I hope everything works out!

  13. You know what food I think is strange is that ambrosia salad. It’s where people use canned fruit, coconut, and then put cool whip over the whole thing! Strange and kind of gross!

    I hope the move goes well. Sorry it has been such a pain for you.

  14. That really sucks… I hope the next couple of days pass painlessly- any chance that you can sleep in your office tonight? I just have this vision of you on a hard floor with no pillow or anything :( Man…if only you were closer, you could sleep on my futon!

    Strange? Hmm. I grew up in the UK so lots of what is “normal” to me is strange elsewhere (going to post about this!) Turkey sandwiches with butter on them (ditto cheese- mayo isn’t used much), apple + cheddar oatmeal, roast chicken slathered in apple sauce, cottage cheese mixed with thousand island dressing + chopped red onions + raisins (SO good!)… I just ate a huge plate of roasted vegetables covered in tzatziki and ketchup. I’m not sure that ketchup on everything is ‘normal’ (though I like to pretend that ALL bloggers cover their food in condiments post-picture!)

    Love the look of that pizza :D

    • Okay, apple and cheddar oatmeal sounds amazing!! And I gotta admit, while I don’t cover things in condiments post-photo, I do never bother mentioning what condiments were involved sometimes. If there’s a veggie burger, you can just assume it’s swimming in ketchup and bbq sauce under the bun ;)

  15. definatly ketchup on almost everything
    prunes and pb or ab
    hummus+bbq sauce (or ketchup, or salsa)

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