Daily Archives: August 27, 2009

Found a new second home!

Hiii! Well, I am feeling much better today. After nine straight days of work, I finally had a whole day off to get my act together. I’ve been very productive so far!

  • Picked up my new glasses and got my contacts checked and okay-ed
  • Took a tour of a gym and signed up!!
  • Set up my utilities and a new credit card
  • Ordered a new adapter for my computer
  • PACKED. A lot. Got a good chunk of my bedroom done.

What’s left:

  • Find out if I can actually move in on Saturday!
  • Pack up the kitchen and living room

I’m happy with that for now :) I’m most excited for my new gym!!! I signed up with GoodLife Fitness, which is a Canadian chain. There are two locations in my city – a large co-ed one, and a smaller women’s-only one. I went to the co-ed one. The real selling points for me were 1) no sign-up or time limits on cardio equipment, 2) opens early in the morning, 3) a variety of group fitness classes held throughout the day, 4) a feeling of community. A woman dropped off a box of fudge for everyone while I was there, love it!

Check out the classes (which should increase with their Fall schedule):


Most of the classes are Les Mills programs.They’re pre-choreographed classes used across the globe. Being a music snob, this worries me a little, but I’m also excited to try something that’s been so successful! You better believe I’ll be aaalll over those morning RPM (spin) and evening Bodyflow (yoga) classes. The schedule is different at the women’s only location, so I’ll have that to choose from too!

I signed up for a year membership, and they’ll take $23 out of my account bi-weekly. This is a new expense for me, because my campus gym was free. I got to thinking about it, and I spend around $10 a week on packaged bars. If I cut that expense out, then it will pay for my gym membership. So expect to see some homemade bar concoctions soon. Feel free to share your recipes!

Oh! And I got a free book :)


Written by the gym’s founder. It actually looks pretty good!

Okay, that’s enough “new gym” excitement. I’ll become a regular fixture there as soon as this moving madness is over, so you’ll hear all about it then ;)

Trying my best to eat up the odds and ends. Breakfast:


Laughing cow, egg, smoked salmon on an english muffin. Orange with some freshly opened chunky AB (as if I’m going a couple days without opening a new jar of nut butter. That’s the one exception!)



Pita and a peach. Last peach in the basket. I totally showed that basket who’s boss.


  • cottage cheese
  • chickpeas
  • butternut squash
  • green pepper
  • onion
  • caesar seasoning

Half-eaten butternut squash, onion, and one apple are now the only fresh produce I have left in my fridge.



Two wasas with almond butter, raisins and cinnamon. One of my faves.

Packing also means I have to take certain items from their hiding places…


Which led to a mandatory handful…


Although, I don’t think this should count. This banana almond cereal was part of my national banana day celebration ;)

The contents of my closet…


…in garbage bags. It should be said some of those bags are blankets, pillows and coats! Only a few more days in a disaster zone, then hopefully there will be some order in my life. ‘Bout time!



Veggie burger with swiss cheese and some frozen broccoli and brussel sprouts sprinkled with parmesan. I feel the need to get a little green in everyday. 


Some fun links:

Mark Bittman’s ode to peanut butter and tons of ideas on ways to use it.

Eating take-out for lunch also eats up a huge chunk of your daily calories (still waiting for homemade pitas for lunch to catch on…).

Drinking cold water can boost your metabolism, especially in the morning.


Well, I’m off to finish packing up my bedroom. Since my cable’s been cut off, I’ve been listening to old Jillian Michaels podcasts. A little dated, but I’m still learning lots! She mentioned the cold water boosting your metabolism thing too.

While I traded in exercise for packing today, I’m reeeeally looking forward to my long run tomorrow. It will be the first time since I started running again that I won’t have to rush off to work after. I won’t even have to set an alarm! That my friends, is luxury :)

Question: Do you belong to a gym? What do you look for in one?

See ya tomorrow!