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I’m seeing everything with new eyes today – I got contacts!! That’s right my friends! My position on the “nerd scale” has officially been downgraded (unfortunately not eliminated – my love for Harry Potter and Alton Brown will never allow that).

I got glasses two years ago for seeing far away. I became pretty reliant on them and just started wearing them all the time. But sometimes I’d like to go see a band, or be on TV, without looking like a dork. Also, now I can wear sunglasses when biking and driving. Yay!


I lovelovelove all the suggestions I got for sleeping well. As promised, here’s a little summary of the tips left in the comments:

  • Turn off the TV and computer and take 10-30 minutes to relax and unwind
  • Focus on breathing, relaxing your body from your toes to the top of your head (this reminds me a lot of corpse pose in yoga!)
  • Stick to a schedule, go to bed at the same time every night
  • Instead of counting sheep, count the things you’re grateful for
  • Melatonin. A natural hormone found in many foods and also sold as a supplemental sleep aid
  • Put a little lavender oil on your pillow and sheets
  • Make a to-do list and organize everything you need to do the next day so you’re not up worrying about it
  • Drink some warm milk
  • Cut back on caffeine

Okay, seriously you guys, I am so impressed. These are all awesome suggestions! Many I’ve heard and tried, but just reminds me there are tons of options for when I can’t sleep. I can’t wait to try these!! Wait, no, I hope I don’t need to try these, but you know what I mean ;)


I slept in the opposite direction again last night and got some good zzz’s in. Stumbled out of bed at 6 am and went to the campus gym. I wonder how long I’ll be able to go there until they realize I’m no longer a student??

Duration: 1:01

5 minutes on the elliptical

15 minutes “MIIT” on the elliptical
15 minutes on the rowing machine


Alternating (3 sets each):
Wide-grip lat pull-down
Dumbbell prone Cuban snatch
Tricep dips

Alternating (3 sets each):
Back extension
Horizontal woodchop

Stretching :)

Didn’t do any lower-body stuff just in case my thigh acted up again. It’s feeling pretty good now though, so I may do a lower-body workout this weekend. We’re supposed to get a hurricane, so biking is out of the question this weekend!

You’ll never guess what I had for breakfast after…

Waffles, PB, yogurt, blueberries. Paired this with a PVL peach whey cooler. I finished off the jar of PB, except it’s in a plastic jar! So I couldn’t do oats-in-a-jar with it, total bummer!! I should write President’s Choice and tell them that they need to start using glass jars so I can put my oats in there :P

Supper was so good last night, I prepared the same thing for lunch today:


Eaten in my work car (hence the pasty leg in the background). Mashed up tofu, laughing cow cheese and green onion on whole wheat with spinach and tomato. So simple and SO good.

I had melt-in-your-mouth-peach that almost melted away from the camera.


Hm. Does half-eaten food even look appetizing?

I still had tofu on the mind come suppertime, so I polished off the rest of the block for dinner. I made a salad mountain.


Still don’t believe me?


I don’t know why, but salads don’t taste as good to me when eaten out of a huge bowl. Too bad, because I bet it’s a lot less messy!

  • peeled zucchini (last of the giant market stuff)
  • peeled carrot
  • spinach
  • onion
  • mushrooms
  • tomato
  • tofu, cubed and sautéed
  • nutritional yeast
  • hummus
  • sundried tomato dressing

Needed more hummus :P


A prune. Fun fact: I have a little sumthin-sumthin after dinner every night. Sometimes it’s a small piece of dark chocolate, a hard candy, chocolate chips, PB on a cracker, or a piece of dried fruit (dates and figs are good too!). Some people like to do larger desserts, but I prefer to save those calories for my large bedtime snack. But I still need something a little sweet after supper ;)


Okay, I have a bunch of random questions for you today:

1. What time do you usually eat supper? I eat around 5-6 pm, and I notice a lot people in the blog world eat much later! I am part senior citizen though…

2. How often do you replace the battery in your heart rate monitor? Mine’s been acting up, and I’m wondering if it needs new juice…

3. Do you wear glasses and/or contacts? Do you have a preference?

That’s all I got in me tonight! I should go move my kitchen table back into the kitchen (don’t ask..) but I may end up eating a frozen Vitamuffin and catching up on my Google Reader instead. See ya tomorrow!

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  1. Can you not put your oats in the plastic jar? We run plastic nut butter jars through the dishwasher to clean them out, so they can handle the heat. I don’t know if I would microwave the jar, but maybe you could try just putting your cooked oats in there.

    We eat early, too. Between 5 and 6. Part of that is working from home, so there is no commute after finishing up work! This also allows us to go out for coffee and a snack later without it being 11 pm.

    I wear contacts. I have been wearing them for almost 30 years, I can’t believe it! I got them my freshman year in highschool. I wear glasses from the bathroom to bed or when I am sick, and that’s it. I finally got new frames in December and left the early 90s :D

    Funny – I didn’t realize that you wore glasses all the time.

  2. susan that is quite a stunning photo of you! gorgeous. hooray for contact lenses! i am so blind, i would be lost without mine. “Dumbbell prone Cuban snatch”~i need to google that. sounds like something i would like. i have done oats in a jar with a plastic jar before! you should try it. i would love to climb, i mean EAT, that salad monutain! i eat at different times depending on the workout. if it is cardio then i eat dinnr later if it is strength i eat almost right after.. but dinner always falls somewhere around 7 PM, and i should start calling it supper. i have not replaced the battery yet, and i told you i wear contacts. loves!!

    • thegreatbalancingact

      Hey Janetha! The dumbbell prone cuban snatch is kinda like the “L” part of the YTWL. Except you start with your arms hanging towards the floor, then bring them up to 90 degrees, then twist your elbows so the weights are up towards your face. That makes sense…right?? :P

  3. April (Foods of April)

    Uhh you can’t put oats in a plastic jar?? that’s all I’ve been doing!! uh oh!

    I always eat dinner at 5 or 5:30. I’m an early bird!

    And you look beautiful!!

  4. yay for your new contacts! i wear them myself and love having the option of wearing contacts or glasses :) i usually eat dinner around 8-9 pm, simply because i am up pretty late at night and if i ate at 6, i would probably eat again at 10…also, i go to the gym after work, so i dont get home til 730 earliest :)

  5. Susan! I had NO IDEA you had SUCH gorgeous eyes!!! SERIOUSLY!!! What took you SO long to get contacts? If I had eyes like that, I will DIE before I hide them behind glasses!

    I eat dinner around 8-9pm. I’m just used to going to sleep with a full tummy, I guess.
    And I wear contacts, but glasses at night in the comfort of my own home.

  6. I sometimes don’t get to dinner until after 10PM due to my crrraaazzy schedule! I don’t have a heart rate monitor yet. But, I heard the replacing the Polar batteries is a pain. Is this true?

    • thegreatbalancingact

      Hey Jenna! Yes, on the old chest straps, you had to send them in to Polar to get the batteries replaced. Thankfully, I have one of the new models and can replace them myself. Maybe I should just give it a try anyways!

  7. I’m dying to get contacts but I can’t afford them right now. I’m similar to you – I got glasses two years ago, just for computer use, but I get headaches without them so I ended up having to wear them all day. The worst part is that they don’t fit so if I bend over they pretty much fall off every time. It’s just about the most annoying thing on earth. Do you mind if I ask how much your contacts ended up costing?

    I eat dinner really late – average about 9pm – but I work nights so technically that’s my ‘lunch’ and I eat breakfast around 4pm when I wake up. Then I pretty much eat my work food throughout the night in a grazing pattern and have a big snack before bed.

    • thegreatbalancingact

      Jessica, I think they cost around $85?? Not nearly as expensive as new frames. I got them at Vogue Optical, so they’re my second “free” pair of glasses. I’m most concerned about how expensive the upkeep of them will be, i.e. solution and replacing them when I inevitably tear them :P

  8. No lies – I’d eat everything in this post! What a yummy day :)

    Woohoo for the contacts!

    1. I eat between 5 and 6, usually around 5:15 is when I start ‘making’ dinner. You and I are the early birds!
    2. Don’t have one!
    3. I have glasses for reading/TV/computer but I never wear them. To be honest I don’t think I need them but my eye doctor thinks otherwise ;)

  9. You have amazing eyes! I agree salads taste better on a plate… I think I like the layers more than a big mix-up.

    1. What time do you usually eat supper? I eat around 5:30…fellow senior citizen, hollah!

    2. How often do you replace the battery in your heart rate monitor? non-applicable though I kind of want a heart rate monitor…despite never entering a gym, I want to track how much benefit my walks are giving me. I use mapmyrun for distance but want more numbers.

    3. Do you wear glasses and/or contacts? Do you have a preference? Neither. I like contacts but I think I would wear glasses- 3 body parts I am squeamish about: feet, teeth and eyes. I don’t know if I would ever get used to sticking things in my eyes each morning!

  10. such beautiful ojos!
    1. i eat around 6, 630 one time at 7:30-8. i like eating at 6 pm or 630 because i go to sleep at 830! yes, i am part gramma.
    2. i dunno, i replaced it a couple of months ago because it wouldn’t register, but then i figured out that it’s because even though i got xs for my garmin 305 forerunner, my upper chest area is just too tiny. =(
    3. i do! i am blind with out corrective lenses. i love contacts better because well, guys don’t make passes at girls who wear glasses =) just kidding. i just like contacts it’s easier to run with (glasses + sweat = sliding)

  11. You have such beautiful eyes! Oh, contacts. So, I couldn’t fully explain on a Twitter message, but it does get easier. However, it only gets easier if you practice ;) I am supposed to wear glasses or lenses a LOT more than I actually do. Since I was stubborn about wearing glasses, I got contacts in my freshman year of college. I got so frustrated with my first attempts with them, that I can practically COUNT the number of times I have worn them in the past 6 years. Still though, each time it got easier, so I can only imagine how automatic it would be if I wore them every day.

    Sorry for the novel. Oh, I like to eat dinner around 6:30-7. I guess we’re kind of geriatric together ;) Hope you’re having a lovely weekend!

  12. I eat dinner anywhere between 6 and 9 depending on how I feel, if I am going to the gym, or if we are meeting people.

    I’ve never changed the battery in my HRM but I’ve only had it since Christmas. I’ll probably need to soon.

    I wear the contacts you can wear day and night for a month. I love them. I forget I’m wearing them most of the time!

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