Hot in herrrrrre

Sweet Jebus it’s hot here. Not to be a complainer, but it’s like 40C (104F) outside and it’s even hotter in my apartment. I can’t handle it. It’s also making me incredibly tired, lazy and cranky. How am I supposed to pack in this?

Oh! And you guys have moved around a lot! Kinda made me feel better, thanks :)

I was feeling a little ill this morning after a sweaty night’s sleep, but I still got up and went to the gym. It was a pretty low energy workout.

15 minutes on the elliptical, increasing resistance every 2 minutes

Single-arm dumbbell snatch:
3 sets @ 20 lbs x 8

Lunge w/ rear foot elevated:
2 sets @ 10 lbs ea x 8 ea (I had to cut this short, I got an intense pain in my inner thigh that was really worrisome)

Incline push-up:
2 sets @ bw x 8

Tricep dip:
1 set @ bw x 8

Hip bridge:
3 sets @ bw x 15

Prone jackkinfe:
3 sets @ bw x 8

1 set @ 90 sec

Side plank:
1 set @ 30 sec each side

15 minutes on elliptical, 1 minute sprints, 2 minutes recovery

Duration: 55 minutes

Kind of a random workout for me. That thigh pain is a result of my last bike ride. I think I may have strained something, so I’ll just have to remember to take it easy until it has time to heal.

I came home and had some oatmeal.


Wait! That doesn’t look right! :P It’s the last of my frozen steel cut oats.


That’s more like it :) It is beyond me why I had a hankering for hot oats on such a warm morning. This was positively delicious though. I chased it down with a mocha protein shake.

Just iced coffee, chocolate protein powder and ice. Sometimes the simpler mixes are the most delicious.

[insert lots of work here]

I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed my wonderful, air conditioned office so much!

Supper was 100% made in the microwave.

Fake purple sweet potato slices and a Sol veggie burger. Normally I cook veggie burgers on the stovetop, but not tonight!

Chris stopped by for a little bit. He had a cold beer and I had a popsicle.


Then I retreated to the balcony for the rest of the evening. Some balcony eats:


Frozen deep chocolate vitamuffin with PB and a peach. What can I say, I love my vitamuffins unthawed!

I picked up a basket of Ontario peaches after work today. My gosh, soooo sweet and juicy!!


It’s getting dark out, and the skeeters are starting to emerge. Time to head back into the sauna apartment. I was hoping to do a bike ride tomorrow, but my wonky thigh + excessive heat is going to make that a no-go. Instead, I’m going to do a little living room bikram yoga in the morning ;) Who needs a heated studio when you’ve got a top floor apartment!

Question of that day: What are your best beat the heat tips? I’ve been using cold compresses that have been pretty helpful, but I need all the tips I can get!

See ya tomorrow for Waffle Wednesday!

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  1. You said wonky :D
    That makes me happy.

    Your steel cut oats look dreamy girl. And let’s put our hands together for peaches! So good.
    Sorry you hurt your thigh – sad story. Glad you intend to rest up during the nastaaay heat. I have no tips – I just wilt when it gets super hot – British people are not built for it!

    Oooh – I had waffles this morning! Doink!

  2. omgosh your eats look fab!!!! and great workout chick, inspiration to get my butt u and do something :)

  3. Running cold water over your wrists (the veiny side) really helps.

    PS: My new spin instructor looks a lot like you. It was kinda weird!

  4. Take a big bowl of ice cubes and set them in front of your fan, that way, the air cools down as it blows across the ice.

    Another tip is to mist your sheets with water and let the fan blow over you, it seriously keeps you cool.

    I have to say I love my AC!

    Funny how I keep having hot oats for breakfast, too – I just can’t stay away.

  5. oh my gosh…fabulous idea to freeze the oats! love that! anything that makes life easier is great in my book.

    hmmmm…fave hot weather tip? LOTS and LOTS of fans. ice cream doesn’t hurt either :)

  6. Susan! It looks like you are doing so well, despite your hot conditions! :) I cant stand being hot in my own house.. it alwasy seems there is no reprieve. I stay in front of my fan, stick my head in the freezer, take cold showers, eat popsicles, got to the movies (they are always air conditioned).

    Genius idea to freeze your oatmeal!

  7. I had never thought to freeze steel cut oats. I always figured I couldn’t have them in the morning because they take so long to cook! As for the heat… stay hydrated! But, you already know that, I’m sure. You could freeze your sports bra. That would certainly cool ya down!

  8. holy balls that is hot. to the max. your planks amaze me. hope the pain is nothing serious. hooray for peach season! looks like you took proper cool off measures. i usually just blast the AC and waste as much electricity as possible. and chug water. hooray for W squared in the morning!

  9. Mmm your oats and protein shake look delish! I love that you froze the steel cut oats. great idea!

    I hear ya on the heat. I’m in AZ right now, and thankfully it’s been kinda cool lately (around 106). It gets up to 118+ in the summers! I drink LOTS of cold water, and always have a water bottle with me. Then I make sure to get some salt too, cause I sweat a lot and get dehydrated in the heat. So I’ll randomly chow on pickled every so often, or add salt to my food (I rarely do that except here).

    I also like to freeze grapes and have some of those when I’m feeling really hot. It helps cool me down. Also, fans are good, too. And avoid using the oven when it’s super hot, cause it heats up your apartment. Stay cool, girlie :)

  10. A 90-second plank is cah-razy!! You must be seriously fit, Susan!

    Popsicles like that red one remind me of my childhood :) We would always have them after dinner in the summertime!

  11. I was supposed to run for 90-95 minutes last night and I skipped it :(

    It was just too humid and sticky outside and even too hot with the fans pointing at the treadmill. I was hoping for cooler air tonight but it doesn’t sound like we’re getting a reprieve yet.

  12. I am tired, lazy and cranky too and I doubt it’s above 20 degrees here :P Best beat the heat tip: move to Scotland! Failing that, drink several large iced coffees in a row… I did that last night and ended up curling up under 2 duvets wearing several fleecy sweaters!

    I am intrigued…you got your sweet potato crispy in the microwave? How?!

    • thegreatbalancingact

      Hey Ellie! One step ahead of ya, already downed two huge iced coffees this morning ;) The sweet potato actually goes a little chewy in the microwave, which I find really fun to eat. When it’s not hot though, I’ll throw it under the broiler for a few minutes to crisp it up.

  13. April (Foods of April)

    Great workout!! I’m sorry about your thigh though- I hope it gets better!

    And I wish those were real purple sweet potatoes :( How sad!

  14. Holy hotness! I would have melted – anything about 90 and I’m a cry baby who stays inside by the A/C!

    Frozen vitamuffins are superior! I can attest to that fact thanks to you :D

    We keep our blinds shut on our sliding glass door and the front door shut when it’s a scorcher outside.

  15. Ontario peaches are devine right now. I brought two to work with me today. Juicy, drippy goodness.

    You’ve given me a couple of great ideas…
    I love the idea of freezing the steel cut oats. I can’t imagine why I didn’t think to do that?! I think I’ll definitely start doing that in the Fall when I get back on my oatmeal kick. And the iced coffee/protein powder combo – brilliant! I’m going to make a batch of iced coffee for my fridge tonight.

    Those temps MUST be a record for Freddy Beach, no? Stay cool, if possible. Go to Wilmot Park and wade in the pool with the kids ;)

  16. haha your frozen oats look quite appetizing ;-) I’ve had those too (from Trader’s, right?) and they ARE tasty!!

    • thegreatbalancingact

      M&M’s Meat Shop! I wish there was a TJ’s around here! Not sure if there’s M&M’S in the States, but I def. recommend the frozen oats :)

  17. You inspired me to eat my Vitamuffins unthawed too…they’re awesome that way!

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