A sweet treat

Hello friends!! First and foremost I want to say I’m behind on all of y’all’s blogs. But I will be catching up when I get home tonight. So expect to see me popping up in your comments sections again soon :)

So I left you off at breakfast yesterday. I was feeling kind of icky after my two whole drinks that got me almost drunk. There’s a reason why they call it a cheap drunk – I spend less money on booze! :P

I had something to soak up the liquor.


Two pieces of fresh baked whole wheat toast, soft-cooked eggs, mini plums. I’ve been buying diet bread for too long, this bakery stuff was glorious. I was raving about it all day yesterday!

Chris actually came up with the idea for his breakfast, I was quite impressed by his creativity!


Bruschetta omelette with onion and cheddar cheese. Doesn’t that sound awesome? It’s a three-egg omelette smothered in cheese and buttered toast. I called this his “man breakfast.” But something was missing…


Thaaat’s better. A breakfast beer :P

Then it was off to my Nana’s for more visiting. We came home for a pre-bike ride lunch.


I picked up one of those roasted chickens from the grocery store, and mixed the white meat with hummus and onions. Then topped it with sliced tomato, spinach and sprouts on more of that glorious bread. It was delicious. Another instance of where mayo is not needed!

It took us a while, but Chris and I mapped out a 44km (27 mile) loop for our bike ride. Chris wanted to just hit the road and see where it took us, but I needed a plan! It was a really great ride. Awesome rolling and steep hills, which I have a hard time finding in Fredericton. I really liked biking with Chris too. He’s much faster than I, so I liked the challenge of trying to keep up with him. I pushed a little harder than I would have had I been by myself. In all, it took us 1 hour and 49 minutes.

We quickly showered when we got home and got ready for dinner. We decided on another one of my favourite Moncton restaurants, Cafe Archbald. (yes, it’s spelled incorrectly). This restaurant is known for two things crepes and thin crust pizza. So that’s what we got!


I was feeling really dizzy and nauseated from the ride, a familiar feeling I now know is from a loss of electrolytes. So I opted for one of the saltier menu items, smoked salmon crepe.Smoked salmon, asparagus, green onion, capers, mozzarella and dijonnaise sauce.”

I asked for it light on the dijonnaise.

So good! They really did go light on the dijonnaise, I could taste it only faintly. The salmon was quality, and the crepe itself was obviously delicious. I immediately felt better once I finished it too. The salty smoked salmon did the trick!

Chris got the All American pizza with Caesar salad.


I’m pretty sure the pizza was just green pepper, mushroom, green onion and pepperoni. He said it was good :)

Afterwards though, our tummies still had some room. And how do you go to a crepe place and not get a dessert crepe?


We went back and forth a lot on what kind to get. Chris didn’t really want anything fruity, and we both wanted chocolate. So we opted to split a brownies crepe.Brownies, chocolate, caramel, nuts and ice cream.”

Oh. My. Gosh.


I’ll put it this way. Afterwards, I told Chris this crepe was my favourite part of our vacay. It was stuffed with warm, gooey brownies. The caramel sauce was perfection, I even thought the ice cream was delicious!

Happy bellies again :)



We had a pretty low-key night last night. My mom came home from the cottage, so we hung out with her and hit the hay early. I actually just got in from a morning 5k run, but I’ll save that all for my next post ;) Chris and I are spending the day shopping then heading back home after supper tonight. 

Hope you’re having a great start to the week!

Question of the day: What’s your favourite dessert? Mine is probably plain cheesecake, but I’m sucker for brownies and chocolate chip cookies!


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  1. Awesome bike ride! Refueling with crepes defintely makes it worth it.
    I loveeee ice-cream over any other dessert out there :)

  2. Um, hello! Food porn! Your sandwich and crepes look amazing! So jealous of the brownie crepe!

    As far as my fav dessert goes, I am a HUGE fan of tiramisu OR hot brownie sundaes. So. Good.

  3. That chicken sandwich sounds amazing, I am definitely going to try it out! My favorite dessert is mint chocolate chip ice cream, although I can’t pass up chocolate chip cookies fresh out of the oven either!

  4. I’m a cheap drunk too but that’s okay…more money for food :D

    Oh those crepes look incredible!! I’m a cheesecake or tiramisu girl. All other desserts just don’t do it for me!

    By the way, if you go here: http://today.msnbc.msn.com/id/3041421 (2nd vid) that’s the beer pairing thing I commented about yesterday :)

  5. oh so much goodness here! i love the bruschetta omelette idea, and your eggs with the yolky goodness. and chicken salad with hummus? yes please!! mmm and sprouts make everything better. wow i am impressed with your bike ride! i am sure that was fun. great job keeping up. do you guys ride side by side or one in front of the other? holy cow! that is my favorite pizza topping combo! pepperoni, green pepper and mushroom. well, when it comes to your all-american pizza that is. i like the chicken/pesto/goat cheese kind of thing better. MMMM that crepe! and all of them sound so good. ive never had ice cream with a crepe but they would definitely go hand in hand. my fave dessert is vanilla bean ice cream.. ya know, with the real vanilla bean specks. mmm. have a great monday!!

    • thegreatbalancingact

      Hey Janetha!! We ride one behind the other, unless we want to chat for a moment. But we have to wait till there’s no cars on the road. Chris actually got way too close to me for a second and I yelled at him. Oops :/

  6. Yes, hummus always cancels out the need for mayo. :)

    Susan, you sound like you are so in-tune with your body, and I love that. I have such a hard time listening to my body sometimes, and often I ignore it all together. So, way to eat that smoked salmon and replenish your electrolytes!

    Sounds like you guys really enjoyed your vacation. My favorite dessert? My mom’s homemade cake with fudge icing and ice-cream. Simple and delicious!

  7. April (Foods of April)

    That sandwich looks yummy! I used to buy the lowest calorie bread I could find but not anymore.. the good stuff just can’t be beat!

    That dessert looks sooo good!! My favorite dessert.. hmm good question! Anything chocolate and peanut butter I’d have to say!

  8. aw man. i love crepes! when i studied abroad in paris, we would always stop for hot nutella banana crepes on the street…dreamy!!!! although i have to say, i think my favorite dessert would have to be ice cream cake, followed by ice cream sundaes or cherry pie :) mmm now you got me thinking sweet treats and it is only 10 AM LOL

  9. so much to comment on here, I need a list!
    1) I’m a cheap drunk too! I felt pretty bad after my four drinks on saturday night! Ha ha.
    2) I LOVE using hummus as mayo substitute! Or just as a sandwich filling in general – it’s my go-to!
    3) Woo-hoo for the long bike ride! I like riding with ma boy for the same reason – it’s fun trying to keep up with him! Sounds awesome.
    4) Ummmm. That crepe place looks amazing. Brownie crepe?! oh em gee!

    Q) I am basically a cake fiend! But carrot cake and good chocolate cake have special places in my heart!

    Glad you’re having such a fab time!

  10. that crepe is insane. i go bonkers for chocolate chip cookies too, especially big soft chewy ones

  11. Yum!! Looks great! My favorite desserts are specialty cheesecakes (Oreo, peanut butter mmmm), and ice cream!! :)

  12. Talk about being behind on blogs…I have five posts of yours to read! Ahh! Ok, that dessert looks INCREDIBLE.
    I always, always crave eggs and toast when I have too much alcohol the night before! Something about the salty, carby goodness is just perfect :)

  13. I love eggs and toast…. that was my breakfast of choice yesterday :)

    Picking a favourite dessert is tough! I love hot fudge sundaes but cheesecake covered in fruit is one of my favourite “treat” desserts. (Hot fudge sundaes are a regular occurrence, they’re not really classified as a treat for me lol.)

  14. Oh my god — that dessert crepe! I must find a crepe place around here. It’s now my new mission.

    My favorite dessert – it either has to be pralines or chocolate bread pudding.

  15. That crepe looks amazing!

  16. oh wow! breakfast beer does help with hangovers. brushcetta omlet is genious!!

    fav dessert- anything with chocolate… this insane chocolate cake from Shelton Vineyards’ Harvest Grill. It was to die for.

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