Daily Archives: August 16, 2009

Monkey Town

Hey guys!! I went a little MIA yesterday, but it was worth it ;) I think it’s healthy to take a little break from the computer and blogging sometimes. AND, I got lots to show you today! Lets get to it, shall we?

I’ll skip over all the boring food I ate at work yesterday morning and get to my afternoon snack before hitting the road.


Peanut butter chocolate Simply Bar. 



Fun fact: I always break my bars into pieces so it takes me longer to munch on them :)  I really liked this flavour. It wasn’t fake tasting or too sweet. The texture was the same gooey-crispiness. I ate this with some strawberries at 4 pm and it held me over till dinner at 7 pm – impressive for a bar!

Then Chris showed up and we secured our bikes onto the truck.


Having a bike rack on the truck makes bringing our bikes so easy. Much easier that trying to shove it in the back of my Focus! Chris however refused to store his bike in the outdoor barn at my mom’s place. So we are sharing our room with a Pinarello. *rolls eyes* Boys!

Kath recently mentioned that car trips are one of the few times she’ll have a pop (or soda). I feel the same way about iced tea! I like flavoured drinks when I’m in the car or eating fast food. Strange!


Mmm… Splenda :P T’was a nice treat.

Upon our arrival in Moncton, Chris and I went to a Vegetarian/Vegan restaurant called Calactus.


Surprisingly, this place was Chris’ suggestion!! He was craving their aaawesome veggie burger. I don’t blame him, it’s dang good.


I wish we had a place like this in Fredericton…


Chris got the Big Marc Burger: “Our famous all-dressed veggie burger with cheese. Served with oven-baked potatoes and Caesar salad.”

Soooo good!! Besides the cheese on the burger, everything on this plate is vegan. They make a tofu cream sauce for the salad and a crunchy nutritional yeast mix for the “bacon bits.” The burger is hands down the best I’ve ever had, and I’ve tried a lot in my day. This was actually my meal of choice for my birthday this year.

I wanted to try something a little different though, because everything on their menu looks delicious.

I went for the Classic Flute which is a “rolled chapati sandwich with veggies, served with tabbouleh and organic corn chips.” The classic version came with curried vegepate. I lovelovelove vegepate and don’t eat it nearly enough.


My only complaint is that there was a touch too much sauce and not enough vegepate. But it was still delicious. The chapati bread was soooo fresh. And the tabbouleh was perfection.

We are happy eaters….



Ick, it was a hot and sticky day. So much for straightening my hair! I love the decor in this place too. We sat right next to a fountain.


Afterwards, we strolled around downtown.


Happy bellies!! My meal left me incredibly full too. It was one of those creeper fulls that didn’t set in until like 30 minutes later…

The hot and sticky day turned into a very warm night, so beer on a patio was a must. We hit up Navigators for some his-and-her beer.


It was approximately here that I had a very awkward run-in with a drunk ex-boyfriend. That’s one thing about hometown visits. Old friends and boyfriends are everywhere! And I’m the queen of awkward run-ins. I hate small talk.

We eventually moved on to Mexicali Rosas for some more sketchy flash photography booze.


I got a sangria. One of the few “girly drinks” I love. And I don’t even like wine!


I got my buzz on… I am cheap-o.


Chris and I had very intense cycling discussions. Geeks to the extreme.

Then we came back to my mom’s place where I decided a snack was in order. It had been six hours since dinner, too long for me!!


Crackers with hummus and bruschetta. I had about 4-5 of these. I was pretty proud of myself for at least not snacking away the whole bag of crackers. I called it quits once my belly was reasonably satisfied. Some people say not to snack before bed, but I’m pretty sure had I not eaten, I would have been up at 6am staaaarving. This allowed me to sleep in!

Chris paired his snack with an Indian beer.


He said it was good, but was a little disappointed by how light tasting it was. My theory is that lighter beers come from places with spicy food. The darker ones come from places with bland food. At least, it seemed like a genius theory last night…

Okee, the boy has just emerged. I’ve already eaten breakfast but I’m going to go make him a feast. I love making breakfast for people!

Plans for today include a bike ride, Nana visit and dinner at another one of my favourite restaurants. If I’m not back later tonight with an update I will be tomorrow. Have a great Sunday!! :D