Up with the sun

This my friends, is why I am addicted to running in the mornings.


This is just a snapshot of what I see running on the trail along the river. I also saw a cute little fox this morning ;)


I added the usual 5 minutes to my long run this week, for 55 minutes total. Since I’d be burning a little more calories than my usual morning workouts, I went for a larger pre-run snack.


You can spot my Jamaica beer mug in the back that I drink my iced coffee out of. This was just an end piece of toast with 2 tsp peanut butter and half a banana. Usually I just have half a banana with a smear of PB. Today’s combo hit the spot and carried me through my run perfectly.


Duration: 55:06
Distance: 5.71 miles
Avg Pace: 9:39 min/mi
Avg HR: 161
Max HR: 174

The best part was when I ended my workout on the Nike+iPod, Lance Armstrong’s voice chimed in and said “Congratulations, that’s your longest distance yet!” I may or may not have gotten so excited that I thanked him out loud. On the sidewalk. That’s one thing I like about the Nike+. Some robot voices can be really irritating, but I find this one to be motivating. I love hearing the woman tell me I’m “halfway there!”

For this run, I did 7 minutes running/1 minute walking intervals. Again, it worked perfectly for me. I was doing around a 9:00 pace during the running intervals, so I still ended up with a decent pace regardless of the walking (and picture taking) breaks. I’m pretty confident that I can run stronger, faster and longer by breaking it up with walking. Have no shame in it!! :D


After lotsa foam rolling and stretching, I iced my cranky ankle and had a glorious bowl of oats.


  • 1 packet President’s Choice instant multi-grain oats
  • 1 cup water
  • 1 1/2 tbsp plain soy protein powder
  • 1/4 cup almond milk
  • 4 chopped dates
  • 1 tbsp shredded unsweetened coconut
  • 5 roasted almonds (sooo much better than raw!)
  • 1 tbsp almond butter


Even though it was already scorching hot at this point, this was sooooo satisfying. My favourite bites were the ones with the gooey half-cooked date pieces :)


After yesterday’s incident, I made certain I had a purse packed full of food when I left for work today. And you know what? I ended up with an extra hour to come home and eat lunch! Go figure…


  • pita pocket
  • turkey slices
  • hummus
  • zucchini
  • mushrooms
  • onion
  • green pepper
  • sprouts
  • spinach

I am a total news/blog junkie. I usually eat while reading articles online.


Hmm, how about some fun questions today?

Where do you usually eat? In front of the TV? Computer? At the dinner table?

Early riser or night owl? I used to be SUCH a night owl. Then I turned 23. Now I get up at 6 am without my alarm. My mom says it has to do with babymaking hormones. I think it’s the fact that I work at 5 am every weekend…


Speaking of weekends! I work the early shift tomorrow, then I’m of to my hometown again until Monday with Chris. YAY!! We’re bringing our bikes so we should have a few adventures. Have a great start to your weekend!!


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  1. So pretty! But it still wouldn’t get me out of bed in the morning. I am for sure a night owl. Sometimes I’ll even get in my workout at 9 at night. I don’t do mornings!!

    And I eat at my desk in front of the computer during the day. At night I watch TV. I know I should avoid the distraction – and sometimes I do. But mostly I multi-task. :-)

  2. Nice job on your run! I would love running in the mornings if that was my view, too!

    Since moving into my new place my boyfriend and I eat on the couch.. I’m working on changing that!

  3. wow, stunning photo! although i am not sure i would even get yanked out of bed for that, i admire you for waking up for a run. let alone being addicted to waking up for a run! hahahah.. i love that you thanked mr armstrong :) of course you would wind up with more time the day you are prepared! but i am sure had you not been, something would have come up and yadda yadda yadda. anyway! at work i eat all meals at my desk, which some say you shouldn’t do, but i have my own office and my own privacy there and i would much rather eat there than in the kitchen/lunch room with the creepers. watching me take multiple angle shots of my food..hahaha. at home and at marshalls i eat at the table! i hate eating in front of a television though. computer i am cool with. i am 26 and still a night owl.. i cannot wake up to save my life. i have never popped out of bed before 9 AM and been like, “i am up!”.. never happened. oh except on mornings where i drank a LOT the night before. i am not sure why, i read somewhere it is because alcohol is a depressant or some business and so you can’t sleep? it makes NO sense to me. oh glad you are going to your home turf again! that should be fun. take lots of photos! xoxo

  4. I eat infront of my computer…which I am doing right now :-)
    and that’s a BEAUTIFUL place to run! If I had such a scenery I would be leaping out of my bed each morning!
    I’m a night owl right now. I’m practicing to be a college student!

  5. how gorgeous!!! i usually eat in front of the tv, sadly….we don’t have room in our place for a dining room table! this will have to change once we have kids, obviously….for now we’ll enjoy “being bad.”

  6. What a beautiful morning shot. I so love quiet morning exercise.

    My husband and I actually have made a new habit of eating at the dining room table (novel, I know…). However, we still have the TV on LOL! We used to eat at least breakfast and usually lunch in front of our computers!

    As for when I get up, I always wake up early, no matter what time I go to bed. That creates problems sometimes.

    That is quite a pace you have if you walk for a minute and then run for 7 – fast runner!

    Have a great weekend!

  7. Breakfast is always at the table. Sometimes w/ laptop, sometimes without.

    Lunch is always at my work desk, on the computer, doing whatever.

    Dinner is usually at the table, no distractions. Occasionally, we will eat in the living room and watch a movie or show.

    Generally, I am an early riser… once I am in a routine. If I break it, I am a huge grumpass in the morning but I rarely regret getting up early. I feel like I accomplish so much more in my day.

    And how can you only eat 2 tsp of PB?! I can barely stop at 2 TBLS!!!! Willpower, girl! You’ve got it!

    • thegreatbalancingact

      Hahaha Leah, I swear it was a small piece of bread, it’s all it had room for!! Too much fat makes my tummy do somersaults anyways, espescially when running, so I have to be mindful not to OD on the nut butters sometimes (which isn’t easy!!)

  8. I eat dinner almost every night in front of the computer…sometimes while reading your blog :) My problem is that I like to be an early riser AND a night owl. No more burning the candle at both ends!!

  9. LOL I remember when lance congratulated me on my longest Nike+ run. I started laughing – I thought it was SO cool! haha

  10. What beautiful scenery!

    Half cooked dates?? mmm that sounds amazing!

    I agree roasted almonds or almond butter tastes way better than raw!

  11. I’d get excited to hear Lance too! That sunrise is gorgeous!! Well done with your run :)

    That pita pocket is bursting at the seams! I love it!!

    More often than not (like right now) I eat in front of the computer and I’m definitely an early bird!!

  12. slowly catching up! i eat all over! usually at our table but lots of times on my red leather sofa.

    love the photo- that is a great reason for running in the morning! nice stats on the run lady!

  13. Hi Susan, loving the blog…

    Congrats on the run…that sunrise looks immense…I would love to be able to drag myself up for runs in the morning…it always feels really refreshing and gives me a real high to start the day….unfortunately though, I am a true night owl and find it a real effort to motivate myself in the mornings??

    Dates in oats…now that sounds like a plan, definatly something to add to the old grocery list I feel, mmmm can’t wait to try it!

  14. What a gorgeous view! Makes me want to start running in the mornings!

  15. What beautiful running scenery! It’s like you’re so connected to nature. Congrats on the run, and haha, I love that you thanked Lance out loud. That’s too cute!

    The oats look amazing! I usually eat at the dinner table and I’m a total night owl :D

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