Been caught starving

Don’t judge please…


I just love waffles!!

They make for a great quick breakfast when I’m crunched for time after an a.m. workout. I had a stellar workout this morning too. Took it easy since I biked less than 12 hours prior. I seriously love working out in the mornings now. Almost as much as I love my morning coffee!!

Duration: 57 minutes
Avg HR: 138
Max HR: 169

5 minutes easy warm-up on the elliptical
15 minutes “MIIT” on the elliptical
15 minutes on the rowing machine (I’ve started switching between overhand and underhand grip when doing this. Love it!)

alternating sets of reverse lunge with forward reach and tricep dips
alternating sets of horizontal woodchop and back extension
One two minute plank (hells yes! my goal is 3 minutes)

Then I came home to this beauty.


Two Nature’s Path maple cinnamon waffles, almond butter, plain yogurt, strawberries.

Usually before my morning workouts, I have half a french press of iced coffee, then drink the remaining half when I get home. But today I also wanted a protein shake. Thus, a mocha protein shake!


  • 1 1/2 cups cold brewed coffee
  • splash almond milk
  • 1/2 scoop chocolate whey powder
  • 6 ice cubes

Next time I’ll only use 4 ice cubes, otherwise this was mega tasty. Perfect balance of coffee and chocolate flavour.


I get a big ole’ FAIL for my work eats today. Breakfast was eaten at 8 am. I had to be in court all morning, then cover a noon-hour committee meeting. Since I figured I’d be heading back to the office after the lunch meeting, I left some fake-sagna leftovers that I could heat up when I returned.

Except, as always, court ran late. I had a new bar around 10 am. I was excited to find these at the Bulk Barn, even though they were $0.25 short of costing me my first born.


Apparently these are Canadian, I’ve been looking for them ever since our gal K reviewed them.


Cinnamon is one of my all-time fave flavours, so I was excited to try this! My thoughts were very similar to K’s. It’s a pretty big bar. Loved the crispy/chewy texture. Cinnamon flavour was great, raisins were negligible. Would have been great with a little more raisins or nuts, but I guess keeping them out is how they keep the calories low. Oh, and can we talk about the protein? All from “soy crisps”!

I had this bar with a cheestring and it kept me feeling full for an hour. Court adjourned for lunch at 11:45 am, and I found out I had to be back there for 1 pm, with my committee meeting squeezed in-between. Thinking the proceeding would wrap up quickly when we returned, I opted to keep my growling belly at bay with a snack. So I walked to a small grocery store and picked up some baby carrots.


Besides the fact that baby carrots hurt my jaw and are more prone to giving me tummy pain (most raw veggies do) I got some love from Mr. Bunny Luv. About half the bag to be exact.

Then it was off to my meeting, which lasted till 1pm. I rushed back to the courthouse (with a few more carrots in-between) and proceeded to sit there until 3 pm. Gah!!! I was beyond hungry, I was weak and discombobulated. It was so bad that I let an army guy waiting to dispute a traffic ticket blatantly hit on me. I never do that. I was too weak to blow him off! Arrggdjfefjbeun…

Aaanyways, I got back to the office at 3:30 and my co-worker was kind enough to let me cram down my leftovers before writing my story. This is why I carry giant pitas around in my purse like a crazy lady. Working as a reporter, you never know where you’re going to be or for how long. And for me, I can only eat so many snacks until I need a meal, ya know?

After my uber late lunch, supper was sad, again.


Veggie salami and cheddar cheese sandwich eaten in bed while catching up on all the food you guys were eating while I was starving…

What was supposed to be my afternoon snack…


Bag o’ yellow plums. I have no idea what an appropriate serving size is of these little guys. They’re maybe half the size of the plums I usually eat? Wait. I think I just answered my own question.


And with that, I want to ask you: What do you do when you’re out and about and starving? Do you pick up a snack and wait till you can get to a decent meal? Or do you grab a quick meal somewhere close by?

It should be said that the noon-hour committee meetings are catered. Don’t be fooled by the fancy “catered” word. Today’s lunch was goopy mayo sandwiches and potato chips. Full-fat mayo is on my list of “no-go” foods. Had I eaten it, I would have likely been doubled over in pain.

Now I’m off to do some chores, catch up on blogs and hit the hay extra early. Tomorrow’s long run day!! :D

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  1. Those plums look rad. Do they taste the same as the purple ones? I ought to see if my local grocery has ’em.

    • thegreatbalancingact

      Hey Nancy! They are deeelish! They taste pretty much like every other plum out there – sweet and juicy on the inside, a little bitter around the skin. They’re from Ontario, so you should be able to find them unless they shipped them all to the East :P I bought a HUGE carton of them, like 5 lbs. I’m going to turn into a yellow plum soon…

  2. Me hungry = very bad. I will eat everything in site if I don’t get a real meal so I usually opt for the real deal instead of just a snack b/c they never fix my hunger.

    Is it bad that I don’t think your eats are that bad today? :)

  3. Those waffles… drool…. I am out of strawberries and that picture made me want to lick the screen!

    I cannot imagine a 3 minute plank! Doing 3 in a row that are 2 minutes is enough to leave me a trembling mess LOL!

    I really don’t like when my eating schedule gets messed up to the point that I have to scramble for food. I will usually try really hard to find something good for me, even if it means going to a grocery store and raiding the salad bar. When I know that there is a possibility that I might be out for a long time, I carry a bar with me to tide me over, but I will stop for a full meal if need be.

    Good luck with the long run!

  4. Just found your blog, love it. But what is veggie salami? Please, please let me know. My kids and I love salami and I always feel so guilty eating it or giving it to them too often.

    • thegreatbalancingact

      Hey Erika! It’s Yves brand soy “salami” slices. Yves has a whole line of fake sliced meats – turkey, ham, bacon, etc. I really like them, but don’t buy them often because they are still very processed!

  5. Mmmm those are the best waffles! If I’m starving, I get lightheaded, dizzy, and hard to think/eat. So I need to get something ASAP. I’ll probably try and just get a snack and wait to eat when I’m home, unless I won’t be home for a LONG time. Then I’ll get an actual meal!

  6. Hey, no judging here! I could eat waffles day in and day out!
    When I’m starving, I just wait till I can get my meal. And it BETTER be good and big. I’m pretty good at enduring starvation. Or maybe I just haven’t really had the chance to feel that gnawing hunger yet?

  7. I always carrie lara bars in my purse. But, if worse comes to worse there is usually a Starbucks or Mc D’s (gasp!) with their sugar laden fruit and yogurt parfaits.

  8. I’m LOVING your blog!! And that mocha smoothie!! That’s like too good to be true :)

    I’ve never seen those yellow plums! I’m so curious to try them!

  9. Oh! And I ALWAYS have a bar on me when I’m out and about and hungry…that plus a Starbucks soy latte usually does the trick :)

  10. Thanks for the shout out! Glad you liked those bars!! I wish they were more widely available!

    I will NEVER judge you for your waffle creations – they look delicious! Mocha protein shake? Yum :D

    Boo to court all day! That doesn’t sound fun at all. I always keep an emergency bar in my purse – sometimes two: one hefty fella and one light weight depending on my hunger.

  11. “Discombobulated” is one of my all-time favorite words! Awesome.
    Sorry you had the suck-fest hunger party. I HATE when that happens. Ugh. Worst feeling ever. I would like to say that I do something sensible in that situation but usually I just try to find a snack and then wait on whatever meal I was expecting to come next!

    Also – no judging on your breakfast – I had the EXACT same thing this morning just switch out bananas and blueberries for the strawberries! Delicious!

  12. i would never judge you fro loving a waffle. if it feels so good then it cant be wrong. (that line was from the sounds lyrics, forgive me, but they work in this case)

    TWO MINUTE PLANK. my core strength hero is susan.

    mmm i havent made my shakes with coffee in months. thanks for the reminder that such things are possible!

    wow, i am surprised you still have all your limbs and did not eat one while in the court house. eep. yellow plums? never seen such a thing!

    when i am starving my face off, first i chug water really fast because that helps me feel full. and then i go to my backup bar in my middle compartment. if that backup bar has already been eaten, i am doomed and i stop somewhere for a piece of fruit usually. i try not to be caught hungry though, as every time my stomach growls i imagine my body slowly eating away at my hard earned muscle!

    have a great long run! so wait, do you have a normal weekend again? your schedule is confusing me! are you going away somewhere this weekend?

    lots of love!

    • thegreatbalancingact

      Hey Janetha! I have half a normal weekend. Working Saturday morning, off Sunday/Monday. So I guess that’s my “weekend.” I’m heading back to my hometown with Chris! :D

  13. Ugh, being at work and panicking over having no food around is the most unpleasant feeling. And then it’s like “do I eat crap and feel horrible later but get relief now?”

  14. breakfast looks great!!!!! but yeah, i hate being caught without any food. i TRY to carry bars with me so i always have something to eat, and lately ive been known to grab something when i start getting hungry, simply because if i go too long without eating, i get mean and cranky and it is just not a pretty scene!!!!!!!!!

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