A savoury morning

Hiya! Hope y’all are having a good day so far :) I had a stellar sunrise run this morning. I was scared it was going to rain, but it turned out sunny!

Duration: 27:40
Distance: 5 km
Avg Pace: 8:54 min/mi
Avg HR: 168 (85%)
Max HR: 181 (92%)

I was pushing myself again! My first kilometre was at about a 10:00 pace, and then I think I slowly got faster and faster. I was huffing and puffing towards the end. But I just kept telling myself that if I push it now, then next time it will be easier. Right…?

For breakfast, I made something I’ve been meaning to make forever. Seriously. Over a year now, at least.


Savoury oats! Jenna’s recent post reminded me that I still haven’t tried this concoction. It’s half cup rolled oats cooked with one cup water, salt and a little Earth Balance. I topped it with two soft-cooked eggs, swiss cheese (all I have) and hot salsa.


It was SO good!! I urge you to try this if you haven’t yet! The runny yolk tasted amazing with the soft, warm oats. I wish I had some ham or smoked salmon to add to it, but I’m in desperate need of groceries. Next time I guess, because I’ll definitely be doing this again! :)


Have you guys heard that Jillian Michaels has come out with her own line of supplements? I gotta say, I was pretty surprised by this. I’ve followed her podcasts, articles, and interviews, and I always liked her because it seemed like she promoted  losing weight the “natural way.”

I’m not saying her supplements are unnatural, but I think it’s a little strange for her to put her name on pills called “Maximum Strength Calorie Control” and “Maximum Strength Fat Burner.” These supplements are advertised as appetite suppressants and pills that decrease body fat. I never saw her as one to promote the use of magic pills to lose weight. I always appreciated her “eat right and exercise” message.

I can understand why she did it. I mean, she’s an entrepreneur with money to make. I just think it sends a mixed message. There are a lot of people out there who look up to Jillian Michaels, and will spend money on this product when they perhaps don’t need to.

What are your thoughts? Have you ever taken supplements before? I guess it’s pretty obvious I never have. Even though many weight loss supplements are in fact natural, I could just never believe that something smaller than my thumbnail could suppress my appetite. The only thing that does that is food! :P


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  1. April (Foods of April)

    Ah I have yet to try the savory oats! I like my sweet oats too much- I’m afraid to try it savory! Although everyone raves about them so I just might have to try my hand at them!

    The only supplements I take are probiotics and magnesium supplements. But I need those ones! I think those weight loss ones are crap! lol


  2. I too feel somehow let down by Jillian’s supplements. Just judging from things she’s said in the past it seems kind of like she sold out. :(

  3. Oh those savoriy oats look amazing!! -or do you say Savoury, being from Canada :-). I love the way the yolk makes the whole thing creamy!!

    Yeah, must say I lost a tiny bit of respect for the JM machine. Money talks…I guess! :-/

    I have some rellies in Kelowna- no idea if that’s near you (it is a HUUUGGGEE country after all!) :-D

    • thegreatbalancingact

      Hey Deb!! You bet it’s savOUry ;) Kelowna is actually on the opposite end of me. I’m in New Brunswick in Atlantic Canada, just north of Maine. I think I’m technically closer to Florida than BC! :P

  4. sunrise run, you go susan! you savory oats look bangin. i made alli’s spicy oats awhile back and loved them, i need to do that again. i love that your eggs are soft cooked, mmm gooey yolk! i liked the veggie sausage in the oats though, plus it added protein. mmm i think i need to have savory oats this week again!!

    interesting bit about jillian. i do not follow her much, in fact i just barely bought the first piece of literature she wrote and have not started reading it yet. but from what you say she preaches about natural weight loss it is a little sketchy to come out with her own line of pills! i agree with you, i am sure it is for the money but with names like the ones you mentioned, that is not sending the right message in my opinion.

    i do take supplements, but not weight loss ones. i take fish oil and CLA.. oh and protien powder does count as a supplement so i use that lots too. but i cant get into the whole fat burner scene. i have taken fat burners before and they did nothing but give me a headache and make me loopy. there is something to be said for that because they do the same thing to my mom and some friends. i think the best fat burner is sweat.

    i see your previous commenter has relatives in kelowna. that is where i was deported from! just seeing the name of the city made me cry inside!


  5. I saw the thing about how Jillian came out with the supplements! It really surprised me, too. It just doesn’t seem like it fits with her philosophy. I don’t take weight loss supplements, just supplements for knee pain, fish oil, and vitamins.

    Your savory oats look yummy! I gotta try that.

  6. Food n Fitness

    Wow I’ve never thought to try eggs on top of oats–actually sounds like something I’d love. I must try this! :)

  7. As a Jillian fan, I was also surprised when I heard about her new products. But it seems like (from what she has said on her podcasts, anyway), that she is trying to improve upon the products out there that people are already using, so there is at least a “better version” available. I don’t really know how I feel about it, to be honest. I am interested in the protein powder but the fat burning stuff kind of freaks me out!

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