Embracing my inner carnivore

So while I was blogging away this morning, I was not doing a vital part of my morning routine. Making my work eats! Blogging aaalllways takes me longer than I plan once you factor in re-reading and cleaning up all the text (I’m a broadcast journalist, I can’t help it!).

So come 8:50 am, it was time to leave my place, and I had no work eats to pack in my lovely new lunch bag. Enter emergency soup.


This is one of my roommie’s abandoned soups that didn’t make it to the food bank bag. I don’t eat a lot of soup, especially not canned soup. Firstly, I don’t like drinking my food! But also because of the sodium/saltiness and the sometimes sketchy ingredients I can’t pronounce. This however looked appetizing enough, so I kept it for mornings exactly like today’s!



Immediately, I noticed the nutrition info contains one of my biggest pet peeves. This 398 mL container is clearly marketed as a portion for one, It’s even designed to be popped in the microwave and eaten immediately. But the nutrition facts are for 250 mL!! Sheesh! I’m a liberal arts grad, I can’t do that kind of math!

Luckily, I had my handy-dandy accessories calculator at work. REAL nutrition facts are as follows:

Calories 121
Fat 4.7g
Sodium 748mg
Carbohydrates 16g
Fibre 3g
Sugar 3g
Protein 4.7g

That’s more like it :)


The soup itself was pretty decent tasting. Had a good amount of bulk to it, although way too much rice and not enough chicken. I still have three of these left. Next time I’ll bring an additional protein to add to it and dump out some of the broth.

Oh, and I obviously did not have just the soup. I grabbed an apple and two cheestrings to go with.

I also discovered some pre-portioned baggies of trail mix I did up and forgot about while I was cleaning out my cupboards yesterday. It was the perfect grab-and-go snack for later.


A sampling of what was in the goody bag. That random bumpy brown lump 12 o’clock to the walnut is some random dried berry I picked up at the Bulk Barn. At first, I thought it had the strangest texture, but they’ve really grown on me! I have yet to find a dried fruit I don’t like.

I continued my cow hating again for supper tonight with fresh hamburger I picked up at the local meat shop yesterday.

As someone who can barely cook chicken, I was in way over my head attempting to cook a hamburger on the stovetop. I really wish that someone told me bloody juices seep out of it when it’s cooking. I felt like I was killing it all over again…

On the bright side, my inner carnivore took over and I was salivating at the smell. I think I cooked it for maybe two minutes too long, but it otherwise turned out quite edible, and dare I say – good!


It was a pre-formed patty of just straight up lean ground beef. So most of the hard work was already done for me ;) I like the idea of cooking meat at home because I have control over what type of meat it is, where it comes from, and what type of oils it’s cooked in. I just ate it on top of a piece of toast. Since it was pre-formed, it was a little larger than it would be if I made it myself. So I opted to skip the bun to save room for a little green stuff on the side :)

I have to admit though, the red meat as not been nice to my digestive system. It’s like it’s working much harder to process all this foreign food. Or, like digesting a brick. Thus, tomorrow will be a cow-free day. Turkeys and soybeans beware though :P

More questions! Are you or have you ever been a vegetarian? Why or why not?

I gave up red meat when I was 13 years old. Then gave up all meat when I was 14. It wasn’t for ethical reasons. The thought of chowing down on dead animal bits just grossed me out. I started eating fish again a couple years ago, then added poultry this past Thanksgiving. This red meat thing is brand new to me, as of last month. It’s fun rediscovering the foods of my childhood. I really want to open myself up to all foods again, and don’t want to consider anything “off limits.” I just really wish red meat wasn’t so darn bloody! Ewewewew.

Okee, I’m off to make my lunch for tomorrow now so I don’t have to eat soup for lunch again! See ya tomorrow for a fun new lifting workout!!

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  1. We went veggie for a while more as a protest against corporate meat farming practices. Well, I guess we went pescatarian since we still ate seafood.

    Then we found the local smokehouse that all the nearby farms take their livestock to in order to get processed. So now we know that when we are buying the meat, we are supporting the small local farmers with better animal practices.

    Personally, I love meat and I think humans are really omnivores. But I have no problem cooking veggie dishes for anyone who wants to not eat meat at my house! We still often eat meatless during the week just because we like egg dishes or beans.

  2. UGH I hate when nutrition labels try to do that. Usually they at least put like, 1.5 servings or something. I hate having to do all that math just to figure out what’s in my food!

    I am a vegetarian (technically a pescetarian–I do eat fish). I’ve been one for about 8 years, and I became one because of the animal cruelty in slaughterhouses. Now, I also like the health benefits of it. Meat (except fish) grosses me out now when I think about eating it–I have no problem if other people eat meat, I just don’t have any desire to eat it. I do like eating fish though, and it’s a diet that’s worked really well for me.

  3. Great question! I was vegan when I met my carnivorous fiance. I slowly became somewhat of an omnivore over the next three years. Now, I am back to a mostly vegetarian diet. I don’t really eat fish. But, I eat chicken maybe every 3 months or so. I guess my body just tends to move toward a vegetable-based diet.

  4. um yeah, i HATE that about soups! it is obvious you are going to eat the whole thing so just print the stats accordingly. lol, 12 oclock to the walnut.. another reason i love you and your words. nice job on cooking up the beef! that looks so bomb with the mushrooms and spinach~two of my faves. i was vegetarian for 2 years simply b/c i got sick of the taste of meat. i got real sick because i was not smart about getting proper nutrition and i slowly introduced chicken back into my diet and now i am full on carnivorous again ;) hooray for lifting! cant wait to see it. oh AND I LOVE YOUR HUMMMMUSSSSS!! xoxo

  5. rediscoveringlauren

    ugh some soups can really be aweful!
    nope ive never been a vegetarian, ive considered it but i eat fish so much, chicken occasionally and red meat occasionally and i think id miss it too much..and i also dont want to start cutting things out of my diet and creating more “rules” around food for myself. i think everyone just needs to find what works for them…were all different after all :)

  6. I can barely SAY the word vegetarian.


  7. Mmm. I love soup, but canned soups have way too much sodium in them, so I stopped buying them. It’s way too hot here to eat hot liquids right now though. When it gets cool again, I’ll be making homemade soups.

    I’ve never been a vegetarian. I may have considered it in passing a few times, but never seriously. I like eating meat.

  8. gina (fitnessista)

    whoa, canned soup with BROWN rice in it?!? good to know
    i love the amy’s soups.. so good :D
    enjoy your day!

  9. I’ve thought about being a vegetarian but I think that chicken breast and turkey are so much healthier than the fake meats! I eat vegetarian and non vegetarian meals but I’ve never been a fan of red meat. Even when I was little I always ordered chicken nuggets.. in fact I don’t think I’ve actually ever had a hamburger!

  10. ok, I thought it was just me… when I post it takes forever! Maybe I am still getting use to it all. I feel better now :)

  11. I’ve never been a vegetarian. For a few months I stopped eating red meat due to ecoli paranoia. Eventually my craving for a cheeseburger got the best of me. I will say once a food is eliminated for a bit it seems your digestive system becomes unsure of how to handle it!

  12. I’m totally with you on hating the serving-size deception. We should start a movement…we liberal arts peeps have to stick together ;)

  13. good call on the nutrition labels! i have gotten much better at being sure to check the serving size, but even that one would confuse me! i hate when you get something that clearly is for one person, but the serving size is 1.5 or something like that. as though i am really going to share that individually sized meal with someone else LOL!

    your hamburger looks delish! i definitely eat meat, but i am more of a carboholic. every once in a blue moon i will get a craving for steak or burger, but i think part of the reason i dont eat it so much is laziness? and that it’s expensive?! i’ve just started eating more chicken though…trying to have some meals that are high protein and veggie, less carb, but what can i say?! i love my pasta!!

  14. Hello fellow Maritimer! :-)

    THAT is one of my biggest packagine pet peeves too!!! Like I really need to be doing long division to find out something the label is already supposed to be telling me!

    I have never been a vegetarian. I love vegetarian food, but I also enjoy my meat and we get along great, so I couldn’t give it up!

  15. I’m a writer/editor by trade too so blogging takes me forever. That’s why I only post a few times a week :-)

    I was veggie (plus I ate fish) for 3 years in high school. But I was a terribly unhealthy vegetarian…white pasta with sauce and pizza were my staples. Oh and a lot of french fries and mashed potatoes. When I first gave up meat I lost 10 pounds but then when I added meat back in my diet (oh and learned about nutrition and started working out) I lost 30.

  16. wow that soup has great nutritional stats! Im really surprised.

    I was a veggie for a while, but then I noticed that I always just felt tired/weak/never full (my iron was fine too which was weird) so now I just stick to white meat.

  17. I’ve never been veggie, though I have shunned meats of all kinds for some time during my eating disorder period. Never again! Though I’m not much of a meat-lover, there are times when I crave a good burger. Yes, the smell is fantastic, isn’t it?

    Servings sizes are tricky! I feel like I learned math just to be able to calculate those things. lol.

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