Daily Archives: August 1, 2009

Things I learned…

Bah! It’s August already! How does this keep happening?? This morning’s post is going to be borrowed from Ellie’s “Things I Learned This Week.” Except it’s going to be “Things I Learned This Month.” July was a big month for me! 

  • I learned I don’t like steak  but I do love hamburgers.
  • I completely gave up what little vegetarian lifestyle I was clinging onto and embraced eating like my peers at social events
  • My love for hummus was challenged by tzatziki. It has been an all-out battle ever since.
  • I learned that I can do ANYTHING.
  • I learned my body is more than just something that I want to look good. I learned that it carries me through life, and can be challenged in ways I never thought possible.
  • Dude, I did a triathlon!!! 
  • I learned that chocolate pie makes a great dinner
  • I set out new fitness goals for myself, only cementing that I’m in this for the long run. I want to be active for the rest of my life.
  • I learned that life is indeed very long, and in some ways mine is only just starting.
  • I don’t have to do races to feel an enormous sense of accomplishment. 
  • Having a trunk that pops open is in fact the greatest luxury in the world.
  • I only have a few people who truly support me in life, but those few are my rocks, my foundation, and I will never take them for granted.
  • I learned I don’t have to be a clean eater to be “healthy.” Even processed junky foods are fine in moderation.
  • Just because a food is “fresh and healthy” doesn’t mean I can eat it in large quantities. There is such a thing as to much of a good thing.
  • Balance is only ever acheived when you stop obsessing and just let things happen. Letting go is sometimes the best way to achieve the goals I always wanted.

And my favourite picture for July…


Taken seconds after finishing my first triathlon. It’s true, I really can do anything I put my mind to!

I’ve got a few more things coming up in August:

  • Moving into my sweet new bachelor(ette) pad
  • Going on a weekend getaway with Chris
  • Hopefully visiting my hometown!
  • Sisters coming to visit :)

How about you? What did you learn in July? What are you looking forward to in August?