Stretch it out

Happy Friday!! Once again I’m happy it’s the weekend, despite having to work. Weekends just always have a wonderful feeling about them :)

I woke up before dawn this morning to go for my “long run.” I fuelled with an iced coffee in a frosty mug, and a wasa cracker with PB and smooshed dates.


Even though my iPod conveniently died right before I left, I still had a wonderful run. The beautiful pink sunrise over the river kept me occupied. According to Gmaps Pedometer, it was about 4.55 miles in 45 minutes. I’m happy with a 10-minute pace for my long runs. No need to push it as I get into longer distances.

Unfortunately, my left ankle has been hurting all day. Whyyyyy does running hate me?? I don’t get it! I keep my mileage and speed low, run on even trails, have new fitted shoes, and do a combined warm-up/cool-down of walking for 20 minutes! Not to mention the ridiculous amounts of stretching, rolling and icing I do. The only thing I can think of is that I run like Phoebe from Friends.

Anyone have any ideas??

I ate a plate of fruit to make me feel better.


Oh yeah, there were a couple waffles with AB & yogurt on the side ;)

Then there was a bunch of working, highlighted by a giant turkey and hummus pita.


One of my coworkers started bugging me while I was trying to eat this. I don’t know about you guys, but my meal time is my meal time. I hate being bothered while I’m eating!! How am I supposed to conduct pointless small talk when I’m up to my ears in hummus and spinach?? Not cool. Come back in 15 minutes.

I’d been planning on making spring rolls for dinner tonight, and went with something completely different as soon as I got in my kitchen. I’m not very good at planning meals. I like coming up with things on the spot depending on my cravings. I don’t know what tonight’s supper says about my cravings…

Let’s start with that cottage cheese mess. Underneath is what I thought was a purple sweet potato, much like the ones that grace April’s blog. But I was duped.


The package said “Purple Sweeties.” But I missed the small print which said “golden flesh sweet potatoes.” Apparently they’re purple on the outside and golden on the inside. They were a little more potato-ey than regular sweet potatoes, but still quite good! I wonder if they will still turn me orange? :P

I also randomly decided to eat a can of sardines in a mustard sauce that’s been in my cupboard for a while.


I mashed it up with some green onion, tomato and capers and topped it on wasa crackers. This was my first time trying capers and I really liked them! The vinegar/salty taste complimented the mustard sauce perfectly. Overall, an odd and perfectly satisfying dinner! I love whipping things together on a whim. Plans shmans!

So I thought it would be fun to follow up my rolling post by sharing my favourite stretches at the moment. They’re very reflective of the areas that ail me the most – hips, quads and glutes.


Except, on that last one, I put my hands around my shin to get a deeper stretch. Soooooo good!

What are some of your favourite stretches? Include a link if you want, and I’ll put them up in a post tomorrow!

Have a great start to your weekend!! :D

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  1. i am the same way at lunch! it takes what, 10 minutes to eat? let me enjoy those 10 minutes please!!! haha love that picture of phoebe running. i actually think i do run like that sometimes…

  2. Nice run! I don’t usually have a lot of muscle soreness issues, but I do like to stretch. I’m going to have to try out that first one. I don’t know if I have a favorite, but there are definitely a small set that I always do.

  3. lovely crackers! love the cottage cheese mess too.

    Re running: Do you stretch before your run? This could be causing you to over extend cold muscles, over-stretching tendons and ligaments, resulting in unhappy ankles.

    Do you over pronate ( run on the outer parts of your feet) or under pronate( tend to run more on the instep) or run more on your toes or heels? These imbalanced running technique can often cause lots of issues with ankles, among other leg areas.

    Ankles are so tricky- if you have had sprains before, that can drastically weaken your ankle making it more susceptible to further injury. Check out the strengthening exercises on my post ( its on my blog & tina’s- search for knees and ankles) or check out runners world injury preventions.

    I LOVE that episode when Phoebe was running, that is awesome you found that photo!

    I also love pigeon pose! oh that felt good just looking at it. Down dog is awesome too, and Warrior 3 and reversed triangle.

    • thegreatbalancingact

      I used to stretch before runs, but now I just do a longer warm-up. Maybe I should stop after my warm-up and throw in a few extra stretches just in case. When I bought my shoes he got me to walk around and said I was a “neutral runner.” I took that as not having any pronation issues, but I think it’s got to have something to do with my form! Thanks for the tips, I’ll look up those exercises :)

  4. I love back stretches. Do that every 30 minutes or so, and freak the hell out of pple, because I’m as flexible as a rubber band. In fact, that was my nickname in gymnastics.
    Hmm…do you think your running position is wrong? Or maybe you wanna try running on softer pavement? Dirt trails maybe?

    • thegreatbalancingact

      Hey Sophia! I currenty run on trails with fine gravel. I hate pavement! But maybe I should switch it up more?

  5. so..first comment evah on your blogg!
    anyways, sorry running hates you :( tragic.
    i’m obsessed with the pigeon yoga pose…feels amazingggg!

  6. Do you have any way of videoing your self running? That can really help you see what your gait is like. You might be striking down straight with the foot instead of heel to toe. Or you might be slightly rolling your foot outwards.

    One of my favorite stretches is the child’s pose. I love doing that right after a long-held plank!

    Another stretch I love is to lay on the floor and put my legs up onto the wall and skootch my butt right against the wall to form a 90 degree angle. Feels really good in the hammies!

  7. I love this stretch–really helps the hip flexors, glutes, hams, and quads!

  8. Hmm. Do you have flat feet/overpronate? I have super whacked-out flat feet, and I got custom orthotics (covered by insurance) that really helped. Experimenting with shoes was also helpful. But what really helped me was the Chi Running book. It’s about how to run injury-free and minimize the stresses that running takes on the body. It even helped me run faster. I notice when I remember to do the form check, it helps drive away any little nagging aches and pains that come on. I’d check it out: Maybe they have the book at your library?

  9. dude, i ask myself the same question about running. my doctor said “maybe you shouldn’t be a runner”..gee, thanks! sucks. thanks for showing us the stretches~although i was hoping you had taken some photos of yourself doing them with the camera timer. :P haha jokes, i really DO need to focus on stretching more often though. i am such a slacker on it.. i have been better lately though. my gym has those stretching seats which i LOVE.. make it really easy to get a good stretch in. mmm capers! they are so good. since you liked them i suggest making a chicken picatta~sooo yummy! another way i like them is with an english muffin topped with cream cheese, salmon and capers. mm. too bad that tater wasnt purple on the inside! i have been looking for them since seeing them on april’s blog. oh and i agree with you on the co-workers talking to you when you try to eat. i go to my office to eat for a reason~so you will leave me alone! haha.. yeah ok this is long. have a great day at work manana! xo

  10. How I love a good glute stretch! I’m also a huge fan of quad stretches. What a great feeling!

  11. those are all my fave stretches. i also like “happy cow.”

  12. rediscoveringlauren

    ooo thanks for the stretching images…i can always use more stretching positions!
    the eats look delicious :) especially that giant pitta..its stuffed good!
    Enjoy the rest of your friday!!

  13. Aww man I’m so sad it wasn’t a purple sweet potato!! Was that one sweet at least?

    My meal time is mine too! Or I especially hate when people ask for a bite. I’m stingy with my food! lol

  14. Hehe…I love that scene of Friends and sometimes think of it when I am really in a hard run ;) I agree, 10-min miles are a great pace, esp for longer runs. I am very happy when I can pull them off :)

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