Embracing my inner nerd

I just got back from the newest Harry Potter movie. I’m an HP fanatic. Seriously. I dressed up as Luna Lovegood for the sixth book launch when I was working at Starbucks in a book store.

Luna, chillin’ with Harry and Professor Trelawny.

My mismatched chucks were the best part of the costume.


We also served a hazelnut white mocha as butterbeer and iced melon green tea lemonade as gillyweed juice :)

Yes, I am a huge nerd. I waited to see the movie so I could see it with a friend. I really liked it!! Unlike the other movies, I purposely did not re-read the book beforehand. Going in with a “fresher” mind made me like it a lot more I think. I didn’t leave pissed that they changed so much stuff :P

Anyways, I was going to do up a lovely post on sleep deprivation. But to be honest, I’m rather sleep deprived myself. I got in a whopping 5.5 hours last night. I think I screwed myself with that afternoon nap yesterday, I couldn’t fall asleep! So ironically, I’m going to save the sleep post for a later date.

I have to tell you though that I ran my fastest 5k time this morning – 28 minutes!! I know that’s the usual for most people, but I’m pretty darn happy about it. Especially accomplishing it the morning after a long bike ride. I almost didn’t run this morning because I thought my legs would be dead. But honestly, they felt stronger than ever! Cycling has done so much for my leg and heart strength, it’s amazing. I’m pretty sure it’s making me a better runner ;)

And with that, I leave you with my new obsession…

Peanut butter on butternut squash. I officially eat nut butter on everything now. Oh, and that burger in the back is a Sol spicy bean burger with salsa. But we all know what really stole the show ;)

What food are you currently obsessed with??

also… What thing are you really “nerdy” about?

Does having a crush on Alton Brown make me a nerd?? Probably…

Night night!!

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  1. i love AB! he is the cooolest. haha i love that you are all geeked out about harry potter! i haven’t read the books or seen the movies but marshall is all sorts of into it. then again he also plays warhammer, but that is another story. dude, that is a quick 5k!! good for you, i wouldn’t say that is average at all. i think that is quick!! i am currently obsessed with EVERYTHING since i can taste again! and i am a nerd when it comes to numbers. i count my steps…enough said.

    oh and your blog looks all jacked up…?

  2. WholeBodyLove

    I’m up for a new side dish! Do you just steam your squash before you drizzle the PB? I eat AT LEAST 3 -4 servings of nut butters every day…I know it’s like crack.

    • thegreatbalancingact

      Yup! I actually just chop it up and microwave it in a covered dish (leaving a little room for the steam to escape). Now you can get one more serving of PB in :P

  3. rediscoveringlauren

    hahaha your too adorable :)!! im such a harry potter nerd too…ive read the books too many times to count and watched the movies lots too….i love that starbux went all out during the 6th book!
    way to go on the 5k timing :) thats awesome!
    hmm food im obsessed with at the mo? brocolli i think, i cant get enough of it :)

  4. I think 28 minutes is a great 5k time! :)
    Also, I love that you are an HP nerd. I have never had the guts to dress up, but I would definitely sport a Hermoine outfit if someone would dress up with me!

  5. Congrats on the 5k time… that’s awesome! I get excited over times that are pretty normal for everyone else… but fast for me :)

    My current food obsession is sweet-pepper, spinach, mushroom, feta and hummus wraps. I can’t get enough of ’em.

  6. Ha! That’s too funny that you dressed up as Luna! I’m glad you liked the show. The squash looks amazing, too!!

  7. Yay- ex-baristas unite! :D Glad you liked the movie and CONGRATS on your 5K time!

    Mmmm… I need to try nut butter on squash. My current obsession is tzatziki but after this morning’s breakfast, I think wheatberries are going to shoot to the top of my list!

  8. 28 minutes is an awesome time! Anything under 30 is good to me :D

    I think I am the only one in the world that has not read any HP books and I only saw part of the first movie and found it to be a little silly. I think you guys look cute all dressed up :)

    My current food obsessions now are blueberries and nut butters.

    And I have a big puffy heart crush on AB, although I don’t like the long hair he is sporting now.

  9. I am a huge Sesame Street nerd. I t-shirts, jogging pants, even undies. Cookie Monster and Ernie are my favorites! My husband and daughter think I’m a total nerd about that and everything else!

    We’re big HP fans here too! Especially my daughter.

    My newest food obsessions are raspberries. Can’t get enough of them. Also the egg white, spinach and feta wrap from Starbucks w/ a soy latte. I ate that 4 times last week.

  10. Peanut butter on squash is the best!!!

  11. I love the nerdiness!! Way to go with your 5k time! That’s great!!

    I fully approve of your new obsession – that looks delicious! I’m not sure what I’m a nerd about. Probably the TV show LOST – I get really into it and try to uncover all the hidden meanings when I watch it. I’m currently obsessing over running. I never thought that would be an obsession!

  12. OMG me and my brother are such big HP fans! Back in the days, after seeing the second part we got the recipe for butter beers online and drank it while watching the movie. The recipe we got was gross but that did not deter our passion. Hating butter beers would make us less of a HP fan and that was not going to happen! :~))

    Love that pic!!

  13. I figured I’d go ahead and leave a comment on this entry rather than the last one, but I think it’s kind of funny how you’re practicing standing up on your bike. I think the majority of the time I ride, I’m out of the saddle rather than sitting! Maybe it’s different with a mountain bike v. road bike, though!

    What am I nerdy about? Hm…A lot of my friends think it’s ridiculous when I go into a tangent about nutrition/fitness. And I’m madly in love with my heart rate monitor. does that count? ;-)

    • thegreatbalancingact

      Haha Lindsay, I think it’s definitely harder on a road bike! I can stand and cruise along with no hands on mountain bikes. But the road bike is just so THIN! Okay, and my balance sucks too. And yes, you can even be a nerd about nutrition/fitness ;)

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